Arnet Pharmaceutical Launches "Dr. Max, Cognitive Line" Focus on Boosting Energy, Concentration and Relaxation

DAVIE, Fla., April 18, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Arnet Pharmaceutical Corporation launched its Cognitive Support Line, Dr. Max, focusing on enhancing energy, concentration, memory, relaxation and restful sleep to support a healthy mind and body. The single and synergistic ingredients included in each product were formulated to provide mental clarity, focus and vitality.

The portfolio includes a total of ten products designed to cover the different needs people can have during daily life due to excess work, stress, or activities. The products in this innovative line are Neuro Brew, Nootropic Energy, MCT Oil, Awake, Luminous, L-Theanine, Ashwagandha, Sleep, Ginko Biloba and Sweet Dreams.

Neuro Brew, Nootropic Energy, Awake and Luminous are formulas created to boost mental and physical energy as well as brain function. Sleep and Sweet Dreams, on the other hand, provide a relaxed mind and body as well as deep sleep. MCT Oil and Ashwagandha help improve mental performance. Finally, the portfolio offers the well-known Ginkgo Biloba for supporting memory capabilities.

"The market for memory and cognitive health is promising with upward trends. People of all ages are looking for cognitive health benefits. Young people are trying to enhance attention, focus and concentration, while older people are looking for products that improve memory function," says Manuel Tabacinic, VP of Sales and Operations for Arnet Pharmaceutical Corporation.

All natural supplements included in "Dr. Max, Cognitive Line", are manufactured with high quality ingredients that have been in the market for years, as well as others actives that are supported by strong research and have demonstrated effectiveness at enhancing memory and cognitive functions. (For more information, visit

"At Vitafoods 2018 and CPhI Worldwide 2018, we have been showing and offering 'Dr. Max, Cognitive Line.' Our visitors were engaged with this complete private label brand that support memory and cognitive health benefits depending on the need of the person. They also know that they are formulas that have been already tested. We are sure this category will be very successful and accepted by our customers," says Tabacinic.

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Since 1972, Arnet Pharmaceutical has been researching, manufacturing and selling natural products worldwide. We are a contract manufacturing and private label organization recognized internationally for our excellent quality and service. In our state-of-the-art 85,000 square feet facility located in Davie, Florida we manufacture the highest quality natural supplements with the finest ingredients. For more information, visit

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