Milrem LCM will repair the lineup aggregates of Estonian Defence Forces

Estonian Center of Defence Investments (ECDI) signed an agreement with Milrem LCM OÜ for maintenance work on line equipment aggregates of the Estonian Defence Forces (EDF).

The content of the contract is the repair of engines, gearboxes, intermediate boxes and bridges for Mercedes-Benz and DAF vehicles of EDF. Vehicles of this type are very common in EDF. The duration of the contract is 7 years and the estimated volume of the framework contract is 2.1 million euros.

According to Priit Soosaar, Head of the Procurement Department of ECDI, this agreement is important because it provides EDF with greater and long-term assurance that their line equipment is ready for use at the required level.

"The Mercedes-Benz and DAF vehicles are a very common in EDF and reliable partner for repair works will ensure the readiness of EDF," said Soosaar. "The maintenance and repair of military vehicles is the most labour-intensive and most important area in the management of the vehicles, ensuring that the whole fleet is mobile and in high readiness."

"This seemingly simple contract is actually very important for the Estonian defence capability," said Ingvar Pärnamäe, Managing Director of Milrem LCM. “The works included in the contract will extend the lifespan of the EDF military vehicles and ensures the sustainability of vehicles for both peacetime training and, if necessary, crisis or war time.”

Milrem LCM has been maintaining and repairing the EDF materiel since 2014, when the procurement for maintenance and repair of SISU XA-series armoured personnel carriers was won.

"This agreement fits well with the core competencies of Milrem LCM and we have everything we need to successfully fulfil the contract," said Pärnamäe.

Milrem LCM is an Estonian defence company, owned 60% by Patria and 40% by Mootor Grupp. Milrem LCM provides life cycle management for weapon systems, heavy and armoured vehicles and other military equipment. The company carries out repair and maintenance work for various vehicles of the Estonian Defence Forces, including the XA-180 and XA-188 armoured personnel carriers, CV-9035 infantry fighting vehicles and other vehicles in Tallinn and Võru. A new workshop in Tapa is under construction. Milrem LCM has subsidiaries in Latvia and Lithuania.

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