The safest way to surf the internet on your phone is by using SecureDNS by

SAN DIEGO, April 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The most critical but the least known component of the internet is the DNS (Domain Name System). Whether you are reading the latest online article or browsing for a new song, your connected life starts by calling your DNS service. DNS is described as the phone book of the internet; computers use DNS to translate human-friendly address like to a computer-friendly address.

DNS has been around for over 30 years, and its underlying architecture has been relatively unchanged since. According to security firms, there has been a recent rise in DNS hijacking on a global scale. DNS hijacking is a method of which an imposter would pose as your DNS service, manipulate your query first before passing it through your intended destination. This method can capture sensitive data first or inject malicious data on top of yours before sending it over. The security firm FireEye explains how this is achieved from their recent blog post about the matter (

Enter, a research & development firm that solves everyday consumer and enterprise problems. SecureDNS client for Android ( is the first product launched by to prevent its users from DNS manipulations. We released SecureDNS to keep users safe from DNS hijacking. SecureDNS uses DNS over HTTPS (DoH) standard that encrypts your DNS query just like how you securely log-in to your bank's website. With ad-blocking and anti-tracking features built-in, not only it keeps you safe while browsing we block ads from ad services domains. Everyday analyzes and tracks new ads and tracking websites, and we add those to be blocked.

SecureDNS is a lightweight VPN (Virtual Private Network) client. We will not reroute your network to our network, we will not mask your IP (Internet Protocol) address. We simply want to provide a safe, secure, and fast internet experience.

SecureDNS is a subscription base with a 7 days trial period. During this period the app is fully functional. For $5.00 a month or $42.00 per year (30% discount) you can continue to have security whether you're in WiFi or Mobile.


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