Online marketplace combats pollution and deforestation with every product sold, purchased, and rented.

PHILADELPHIA, May 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Announcing the launch of WeSupply, the online platform for socially and environmentally responsible people that plants 1 tree and cleans 1lb of trash for each product purchased, sold, or rented through the marketplace.

Inspired by their passion for the outdoors, Virgil Ghic and Dragos Rus - two engineers by trade - founded WeSupply after being confronted with the negative effects of pollution and deforestation but not seeing a clear way to make an impact as regular individuals.

Based on the idea that joining the fight for a cleaner planet should be accessible to everyone, WeSupply curates socially responsible brands, making it easy to shop a wide array of products. The platform also encourages people to sell or rent their old stuff to other community members, extending the lifetime of goods and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. WeSupply further rewards both seller and customer by planting 1 tree and cleaning 1lb of trash with each item purchased, sold, or rented through the platform.

Founder Virgil Ghic says, "The planet is suffering from deforestation and human-caused pollution, but individually we do not have a strong plan to fix these issues."

"The government is a lobby and interest game, and unfortunately these issues are way down on the priority list. But we can make a difference every day, by minding what - and how much - we consume!"

"Just by living our everyday lives a little more consciously and supporting businesses that care about our home planet, we can play a major role in stopping the big polluters of the world."

Brands featured in the marketplace range from extremely popular fan favorites such as Patagonia, to lesser known vendors customers are sure to fall in love with.

When speaking on the topic of selling and renting within the community, Virgil says:

"Some products just aren't environmentally friendly, but we can still lessen our footprint while using them. We all have so much stuff laying around that we don't use nearly enough, and we can reduce our consumption of new products significantly by simply buying used ones or just renting them."

The common bond between all brands, vendors, and community members of the platform is a shared mission to do right by our home planet. WeSupply makes it easy to shop by the individual member's own core values by using a series of filters such as 'environmentally friendly,' 'woman or minority owned,' 'gives back,' 'organic,' and many more.

On top of making it easier to shop consciously, WeSupply uses automated technology to empower customers to make their mark in the fight against pollution and deforestation.

How We Clean: WeSupply focuses on stopping pollution at river mouths before it makes it to the ocean. Our scalable solution, the Trash Collector, operates on renewable energy and is designed to clean up over 1 million pounds of trash every year. Plastics are then sorted and turned into plastic beads, before being recycled into new life.

How We Plant: The solution to scalable reforestation lies in the hands of automated drones. One drone can plant up to 12 seeds per minute, which ends up at about 5,000 trees in 8 hours.

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WeSupply is a Public Benefit Corporation, with a Pending B-Corp Certification.

Virgil adds, "It's 2019, we have choices and we have alternatives - it's up to us to decide who we support."

WeSupply believes that our planet, Earth, is the most important thing - and working together to make a difference in preserving it is a cause everyone can get behind.

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