U.S. Navy's AN/SPY-6 Radar on Display at Sea-Air-Space

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md., May 6, 2019 The Raytheon-made AN/SPY-6(V)1 integrated air and missile defense radar will be on display at the Sea-Air-Space Exposition in National Harbor, MD, May 6-8.

Come see the Navy's new 14' x 14' radar on the terrace, and learn more about the unmatched capability it will deliver to the surface fleet.

Members of the media can contact Ian Davis (Ian.Davis@raytheon.com) or stop by the Raytheon booth - #1701 - to schedule an interview.

About AN/SPY-6
AN/SPY-6(V)1 provides greater capability - in range, sensitivity and discrimination accuracy - than currently deployed radars, increasing battlespace, situational awareness and reaction time to effectively counter current and future threats. It is the first scalable radar, built with Radar Modular Assemblies - radar building blocks. Each RMA, roughly 2' x 2' x 2' in size, is a standalone radar that can be grouped to build any size radar aperture, from a single RMA to configurations larger than currently fielded radars. The U.S. Navy's new Enterprise Air Surveillance Radar leverages the highly-scalable design and mature technologies of AN/SPY-6 in a scaled nine-RMA configuration to meet the mission requirements of carriers and amphibious ships. The commonality - in both hardware and software - with AN/SPY-6 offers a host of advantages, including maintenance; training; logistics; and lifecycle support.

Media Contact
Ian Davis

/PRNewswire -- May 6, 2019/

SOURCE Raytheon Company