The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop Launches Online Store

WEST BERLIN, N.J., May 7, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Agile Medical, parent company of The CPAP Shop, announces the launch of The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop, a new online store offering 24/7 access to the latest and most innovative products to treat respiratory conditions. With this launch, Agile Medical adds a new line of therapy to its family of brands.

"We have long focused on delivering support and treatment to those suffering from sleep apnea. Over time, we have increasingly observed that the same shortcomings within the CPAP market were also impacting other lines of respiratory care. Because CPAP and respiratory therapy go hand-in-hand, it is a natural progression for our team to offer an unparalleled level of expertise, customer care, and product choice in this space. Additionally, having one place to manage and track all your respiratory equipment makes it simple for consumers to navigate," said Tony Zadnik, founder and CEO of Agile Medical. "With the launch of The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop, to be followed shortly with Sleep Care Online--an innovative, interactive platform delivering sleep telemedicine to sleep disorders patients in the self-pay market--and our two retail locations, our mission to provide the patient with a one-stop shop for all their respiratory equipment and service is coming into focus."

The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop offers an extensive range of home and portable oxygen concentrators, standard and pocket nebulizers, pulse oximeters, and much more. Each offering was personally selected by on-staff respiratory therapist Jose Acosta, CRT, and hits the mark in quality, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness. Acosta, a 15-year veteran respiratory therapist, is hyper-focused on the needs of our customers and is always looking for new, innovative products that can change the way therapy is delivered.

"For someone who needs oxygen, the available choices offered are limited. Often times, insurance or DME providers will offer a single home oxygen concentrator and a small supply of portable tanks. These are not quality choices in today's marketplace where value is placed on portability and convenience. With The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop, our goal is to give consumers a choice, offer expert advice, and deliver an improved quality of life for every individual in need of respiratory care. We want to give our customers the chance to be mobile, active, and free to enjoy activities of daily living," said Acosta.

The staff of The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop has spent countless hours training with brand representatives and medical experts and is equipped to make the best recommendations based on individual needs. Spanish-speaking staff are on-hand to answer calls.

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About Agile Medical, LLC
Launched in 2004, Agile Medical is a family-owned and operated business specializing in sleep aid and respiratory therapy. Our mission is to connect you with the quality resources, products, and expertise that you need to improve the quality of each phase of your life. Agile Medical operates The CPAP Shop and The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop with retail locations in West Berlin, New Jersey and Mentor, Ohio.

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