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HPI is the Number One Supplier when it comes to Ballistic Measuring Equipment for Interior- Exterior- and Terminal Ballistic applications.

Our scope of delivery ranges from NATO approved High Pressure Transducers GP6 and Internal Pressure Gages, EPVAT Test Barrels, Precision Light Screens, Optical Target Systems, Electronic Data Recording and Evaluation Systems. All Equipment is applied in R&D acceptance and routine tests by manufacturer of ammunition, Military and Civil Proving Ranges, Police Laboratories and Public Proof Houses.

Another field of HPI`s activities is the supply of Measuring Equipment testing Protection Material such as Helmets, Body Armour, Armoured Steel Plates and Safety Glass in accordance with international Standards such as “HOSDP, NIJ, STANAG, VPAM”.

HPI has its own Calibration Laboratory  which enables calibration of piezoelectric Transducers up to 800 MPa for our own use and for our customers.

High Pressure Instrumentation (HPI)

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