Salter acquires CapnoVue CO2 products expanding its market-leading SalterSTAT range of capnography monitoring products

LAKE FOREST, Ill., May 9, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Salter Labs - a global leader in respiratory and anesthesia innovation driven by collaboration with clinicians - announced today the acquisition of the CapnoVue® family of capnography products from Monitor Mask. The CapnoVue line was developed by Dr. JW Beard to improve the ease and effectiveness of face mask capnography.

"My goal with CapnoVue is to improve patient safety by enabling more clinicians to utilize face mask end tidal CO2 monitoring. Face mask capnography is gaining popularity because clinicians want to provide more oxygen during sedation procedures, especially to higher-risk patients. CapnoVue face masks enable higher oxygen delivery while also effectively monitoring exhaled CO2. Additionally, CapnoVue masks help achieve compliance with clinical guidelines and accreditation requirements," said Dr. Beard.

According to Greg Pritchard, CEO of Salter Labs, "now that capnography has become well-established in the market, our customers want additional monitoring options such as CO2 face masks and options for different monitors. With CapnoVue masks, Salter offers the widest range of capnography products, helping providers be more compliant to the many clinical guidelines supporting capnography. Along with our leading airways and laryngoscopes, Salter offers the best available products for improving safety during intubation and sedation."

With the addition of CapnoVue, the Salter Team is confident in providing clinicians the best airway management product range in healthcare and the leading tools for patient safety.

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