Last Update January 26, 2022


  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics

Our vision: A circular economy that meets needs without unacceptable environmental pressure and without depletion of natural resources. This requires technical, social and system innovations.

Our mission: It is our mission as a high-tech partner to offer solutions for all product lifecycle issues of mission critical components through smart design, lifetime maximization, reuse and recycling. Circularity and the optimal use of existing resources are always central.

We offer solutions at every stage of the product lifecycle of business-critical components. We believe that smart design, lifecycle maximization, reuse and recycling of business-critical components contributes to the profitability of every business.

Circularity and optimal use of existing resources are at the heart of all our services. Successful entrepreneurship, with respect for the environment, leads to better results for our own organization, our customers and last but not least for the society as a whole.

Bluetron B.V.

  • Traverse 1, 3905 NL, Veenendaal,
  • +31 88 44 60 900
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