Feather Pillow Retailer Rests Comfortably with a 5-Star Rating from TopConsumerReviews.com

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., May 9, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- TopConsumerReviews.com recently awarded its first-place ranking to Pillows, an industry leader in Feather Pillow sales, for another year in a row.

What kind of Feather Pillow makes for the best night's rest? Is it a firmly-packed one that offers ample support, or a fluffy one that can be molded and shaped easily to support the head and neck? Of course, the answer to that question will always come down to personal preference. But no matter which kind of Feather Pillow a shopper wants, they're most likely to find it easily and at the best price when shopping online. Some of the best internet retailers even include tools for figuring out which Feather Pillows are used at specific high-end hotels, allowing travelers to get the same luxury and comfort in their own homes.

"Have you ever stayed overnight at a hotel and wished you could bring your pillow home? Pillows can help you get it, no questions asked," offered Brian Dolezal of TopConsumerReviews.com, LLC. "This family owned-and-operated business can tell you exactly which Feather Pillows are used at the Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, and many other hotel chains, and you'll find that the prices are affordable and well within reach. Why not have that luxury at home? Pillows' selection includes more than 50 different Feather Pillows, all of which come with a 30-day return policy provided that the pillow is returned in like-new condition. We're pleased to award Pillows with another first-place ranking among online retailers of Feather Pillows in 2019."

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About Pillows
Pillows, formerly Pacific Pillows, was founded by Abby and Craig Clark. As a family-based business, Pillows is specifically focused on bringing luxury bedding into homes around the United States at reasonable prices. They only feature products found in luxury hotels and resorts around the world and are constantly adding and updating their inventory to best meet the needs of our customers. Craig and Abby each have over 10 years of mail order retail experience and, along with the Pillow team, are dedicated to giving customers the service they deserve/ All of Pillows' products are kept in a smoke-free environment.

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