Facing the Rigid Demand of Artificial Intelligence Customer Service, Chengdu Xiaoduo AI Technology Co., Ltd., Based in Chengdu Tianfu Software Park, Completes Series B Financing

CHENGDU, China, May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Chengdu Xiaoduo AI Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiaoduo AI), an excellent AI enterprise based in Chengdu Tianfu Software Park, has recently completed series B financing. The funds raised in this round are to be used for recruiting more high-caliber talents and developing new technologies.

Xiaoduo AI has been engaged in the AI customer service application scenario for many years, which is a highlighted project in Chengdu's AI industry. From the perspective of the current enterprise volume and technical background, it has the potential to become a hidden champion in the field of AI customer service.

Self-financing for R&D and Expansion

Founded in 2014, Xiaoduo AI adheres to the vision of "becoming the AI expert of enterprises and creating better communication and service with AI", and has been committed to improving the efficiency of the customer service industry by leveraging the AI technology.

At present, Xiaoduo AI serves more than 20,000 governmental and enterprise clients, including Meituan, Zhuanzhuan, YouShop, EMS, Robam Electric Appliance, XGIMI, TmallGenie, 1919.cn, Yan'an Municipal People's Government, China Telecom, etc. It has provided over 9 billion services to customers, covering multiple fields such as network operators, government, education, e-commerce and enterprise services.

Xiaoduo AI's flagship product - "Intelligent Customer Service Robot" - is an AI-based software that may realize functions of automatic text reply and complex business processing by means of instant messaging tools, thus helping users reduce the labor costs for customer services. The robot is mainly applied in scenarios such as unattended nights, customer service diversion in peak hours, and automatic recommendation. It also supports Chinese, English, French and other languages. Recently, Xiaoduo AI has added a new product line of telephone robots to enrich its product portfolio and application scenarios.

Jiang Ling, founder and CEO of Xiaoduo AI, pointed out that Xiaoduo AI had achieved self-financing long ago and thus had less dependence on external financing. This round of financing is launched because the company has ushered in a new development era, which needs to update the valuation and introduce new strategic investors. The funds raised will be used for recruitment of advanced talents, office expansion, R&D of new technologies and other aspects related to business operation.

Be A Pacesetter with Leading Underlying Technologies in the Booming Industry of AI Customer Service

According to the China Intelligent Customer Service Industry Research Report released by JINGDATA, most of the AI-based customer service robot companies were founded around 2016. In this regard, Xiaoduo AI, founded in 2014, has an obvious advantage.

When most of the customer service robot products on the market are still engaged in keywords matching, Xiaoduo AI has applied the machine learning technology to robot training. As AI became a booming industry in 2016, the emerging enterprises in the customer service robot industry have promoted the rapid update of the AI technology. Xiaoduo AI has outshined their rivals. When competitors are using traditional machine learning algorithms to implement products, Xiaoduo AI is embarking on a deep learning engine; when competitors begin to study the deep learning, Xiaoduo AI has already tried to take the lead in the transfer learning technology, which enables Xiaoduo AI's customer service robots to outmaneuver its competitors in a long run in terms of the quantitative data of actual performance.

The Widely-applied AI-based Customer Service Helps Meituan Save Millions of RMB Each Month

In 2017, Xiaoduo AI's AI Customer Service Robot received a maximum of 4.4 million consumers a day, and in 2018, this number rose fourfold, showing a strong momentum in business growth.

Meituan is a typical customer for the 2018 new businesses of Xiaoduo AI. In early 2018, in order to select the best technology supplier, Meituan organized a competition lasting for almost half a year. After several rounds of technical discussion and assessment and POC competition, Xiaoduo AI's Customer Service Robot defeated a variety of well-known service providers' products based on computational linguistics, and became the strategic partner of Meituan.

The fresh memories of the competition still lurk in Jiang's mind. At that time, Meituan invited Xiaoduo AI to go to Beijing for testing. Two colleagues from Xiaoduo AI traveled for a week and passed various tests. However, the test results were not released until they knew that it was because their competitors spent one month passing the tests. In the end, Meituan chose Xiaoduo AI by virtue of its higher efficiency and nearly 95% of the communication accuracy. As to the transformation from artificial communication to AI, Xiaoduo AI's robots helped Meituan achieve a 50% reduction in the amount of artificial communication, saving millions of RMB each month.

Recruit More Talents to Attract More Beijing Drifters to Chengdu

According to the 2018 China's Artificial Intelligence Report, the total investment in AI talents in eastern China is generally more than that in western China: Beijing has a head start, accounting for 13.5% of the total, and Chengdu is in the third echelon.

However, Jiang remains optimistic: "Beijing has rich reserve of talents, but the cost of living in Beijing is rising rapidly, thus the new first-tier cities such as Chengdu has the opportunity to attract talents in Beijing, especially those AI talents who work in Beijing and come from the southwest regions. They are our targets in recruitment."

Jiang says that the fast-growing Xiaoduo AI, in dire need of talents in various fields, welcomes outstanding resumes.

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