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  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
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  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)
  • Textile, Individual Equipment, Clothing

Taiwan K.K. Corporation, was founded in 1976, and began from providing water treatment chemicals, to a professional multi-dimentional company specialize in researching and producing fire resistant fabrics, beauty packaging, lotion dispensers and roll-on balls, centrifugal oil filters, industrial products and food supplements. The Company has concentrated on giving high quality products and coming up with an all around industrial solution for its customers. With various patented products, now TKK, certified by ISO-9001& ISO-14001, is a professional solution provider.

Taiwan K.K. Corporation manufactures and supplies Water Treatment Chemicals, Fire Fighting Suits, Plastic Cosmetic Packaging, Lotion Dispensers and Roll On Packaging, Centrifugal Oil Filter, Industrial Products and Food Supplements.

Taiwan K.K. Corporation

  • FL. 5, No. 14, Lane 235, Pao-Chiao Rd., Hsin-Tien Dist. 231, Taipei, Taiwan
  • +886229185336
  • +886229133188
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