Connecting and Empowering the China-ASEAN Media Cooperation Through Science and Technology

BEIJING, May 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- 2019 is the year of China-ASEAN Media Exchange Year. The "2019 China-ASEAN Media Cooperation Forum" held in Beijing on May 14 focused on the theme of "New Stage, New Trends and New Cooperation". The guests who attended the meeting shared their experience of how to tell the story of win-win cooperation in Asia truthfully, objectively and comprehensively. They also discussed the methods and provided suggestions for improving future media cooperation.

According to the Science and Technology Daily (S&T Daily), the forum was co-held by China International Publishing Group (CIPG), Mission of the People's Republic of China to ASEAN and the ASEAN-China Centre. It aims to explore the irreplaceable role of the media in the process of co-building the China-ASEAN Community of Shared Future.

AKP Mochtan, the Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN emphasized the importance of the media in international societies. He stated that the media has become an indispensable force for spreading knowledge, connecting the world and promoting social progress.

Du Zhanyuan, the Director of the CIPG, gave three suggestions at the forum on strengthening dialogues, enhancing cooperation and telling the story of Asia with the help of media. According to Du, the world news agencies can unite together and establish regular mechanisms for regional cooperation and exchanges, collect and disseminate the positive energy of the China-ASEAN cooperation story, and also face up to the trend of the media revolution. "We should instantly explore big data with the fruit of revolution, combining the artificial intelligence and international communication, and use the technologies in the media to construct a high-level international media communication system," Du said.

"S&T Daily can share its channel resource to empower the ASEAN media construction," said Fang Hanting, the vice president of the S&T Daily.

According to Fang, S&T Daily has established an advanced technology database -- the "China Science and Technology Information Database". Relying on the newspapers, WeChat Public Account, Weibo and other platforms, Science and Technology Daily can timely, comprehensively and systematically release international technology innovation news and empower ASEAN media cooperation.

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