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  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

Chong Sheng Yi Precise Limited company specializes in precise processing and manufacturing of precise parts. We have many years of experience in CNC composite processing, including use of CNC lathe machines, CNC milling machines CNC composite milling lathe machines, CNC grinding machines, and CNC wire cutting machines. Our company implements processing technology having high stability and good processing ability, and we have a high quality technical team to continuously improve the processing process and a quality assurance team to strictly control quality stability to meet our customers’ satisfaction.

Our company’s processing materials are divided into two groups: metal and engineering plastics, and includes types of special material processing.  Regarding processing quality, we aim to continuously improve the technology, enhance processing accuracy, increase productivity, decrease manufacturing expenses, and supply services to satisfy customers.

Regarding manufacturing equipment, our company uses the complete specifications of the equipment chain combined with CNC wire cutting/grinding/lathe/milling, so that the composite processed parts can be completed in the factory without secondary processing for lower costs, quality improvement, and productivity increases.

Chong Sheng Yi Precise Limited

  • No. 48-1, Ln. 81, Xizhou Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, 302, Taiwan, Taiwan
  • 886 3-552-9768
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