Farmers Dating App Reveals Users are 70% Women

AUSTIN, Texas, May 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Farmers Dating is extending an invitation to the city folks who may just find what they're looking for in the form of companionship. Designed specifically with single farmers in mind, Farmers Dating has just released user demographic information revealing that 70% of its users are female.

"What our app has done is create a place for single farmers and those looking to date a farmer to meet and find love, and overwhelmingly, our users are women," explains Madeline Zeidman, spokesperson for Farmers Dating. "We've never shied away from the fact that our app is a great way to meet people, primarily country singles, even when that means a person has never been a country single."

When asked if this is a fundamental pivot in the app and its target user, Zeidman said, "Absolutely not. All we're doing by releasing this information is showcasing that we have attracted a huge amount of single, eligible female farmers looking for love."

With some of the major players in the rural dating space having long staked their claim on the "us vs. them" nature of country and city life, Farmers Dating is attempting to be more inclusive.

"While city folks may not get everything that comes with being a farmer, living in a small town, or relating to the challenges that come with dating in the country, we're looking to build a bridge for people to meet, not a wall to widen the gap," Zeidman said.

"Online dating and dating apps are not new in 2019, and as the stigma of online dating continues to diminish, especially among younger users coming of age in the digital world, what we're looking to do with Farmers Dating is provide a niche service aimed to cater to single farmers, and invite those interested in exploring dating life with this group of people in ways that are more meaningful and accessible than ever before, especially if you're a man or woman looking to date a female farmer!"

Farmers Dating is available now on iOS and in the Google Play Store.

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