Wire Seals Supplier, American Casting and Manufacturing, Explains the Benefits of Using Wire Seals That Don't Require Tools to Apply

PLAINVIEW, N.Y., June 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In the security seal world, wire security seals are the oldest and most versatile kind of tamper-evident security seal on the market. Equipped with a variety of applications, wire seals can be customized with printing options and adjustable sizes, for any business' needs. Certain models of wire seals can be sealed without any specialized tools, reducing their overall application costs and saving workers time during the securing process. Wire seals supplier, American Casting and Manufacturing, explains the benefits that come with using wire seals that don't require any tools to apply. Keep reading below for more information about our model PSW-97: one of the most convenient wire seals in the security seal market.

Many classic models of wire seals, also known as crimp seals, require a sealing tool to close securely. However, one major advantage of a wire seal like the PSW-97 is that it doesn't need any additional tools to seal- simple manual application by hand will suffice. The convenience of hand-sealed security is a major benefit of this model, as it eliminates the need for an additional tool purchase, making these wire seals more cost-effective than others.

So, what's so important about the lack of a sealing tool in applying a security seal? Well, using a wire seal like the model PSW-97 not only eliminates the need for an additional tool, but in turn saves the trouble of constantly storing and locating a sealing tool. This advantage, paired with the eliminated need to buy a new sealing tool after heavy usage, makes it clear that a manually applied security wire seal is ideal. With a wire seal secured manually, your sealing tool will never be misplaced or need to be replaced ever again.

In addition to the above benefits, a wire seal that only needs your hands saves time when attaching the seals to whatever needs to be secured by giving employees the ability to move quickly with their hands rather than fumbling around with a sealing tool. Getting rid of the third-party tool and empowering employees with a hand-to-wire seal model like PSW-97 will help the sealing process move quicker and more effectively, benefitting the business-side in terms of worker efficiency.

Besides all of the clear benefits that come from this kind of wire seal, the model PSW-97 has numerous other great features to enhance your seal regime even further. For example, the premium styrene plastic body comes in various colors for color-coding and can hold up in the harshest of climates. As an added plus, this model can also have customized markings for your company's needs, alongside the potential for custom packing, wire options, delivery scheduling, and more.

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