Cisbay Global Reveals Ag Biotech Secret-Patents Green-Lighted

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Cisbay Global, a leading microbial technology company focused on developing next-generation agricultural solutions, improving crop production and wastewater solutions, announced in April they were granted both soil enhancement and biological water treatment patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

This conferment will help facilitate Cisbay's mission to reverse years of soil depletion through the exploitation of their breakthrough technology platform that isolates, identifies and validates "perfect beneficial microbes." This formulation of microorganisms is already benefiting farmers around the world with more than 15 percent increases in crop production in a variety of soil types and climates.

Dr. Jimmie Keeton, Chief Scientific Officer at Cisbay commented, "In my 40 years of agricultural and aquatic research, the science of bioremediation and the use of beneficial microbes, now truly opens a new frontier for human history. By utilizing nature's microbes to naturally improve protein and plant production, Cisbay is at the forefront of this technology, helping feed the world in a new and sustainable way."

"We have successfully raised pre-round of funding. We are now generating revenue. Our next step is to scale up. We are seeking the next series of financing to exponentially increase our revenue growth in the international and domestic markets," says Cavin Pham, CEO of Cisbay Global.

Cisbay receives the TechConnect Innovation Award 2019
Cisbay is recognized for their revolutionary Microbes for Plant Growth and Water Remediation technology this month at TechConnect World Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.

The technology consists of an extensive microbiome works and selection of highly complex microbial functional traits that focus on living soil and bacterial soil disease management. A population of beneficial microorganisms is a crucial factor in the promotion of plant growth, yield and quality.

"We are very excited about helping farmers achieve higher profitability and improve their dirt and at the same time doing good for the environment. This Innovation Award really represents who we are as a leading Ag biotech company," says Jasbir Sidhu, President of Cisbay.

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About Cisbay Global:
Cisbay researches and provides advanced microbial solutions that rejuvenate the soil and treat wastewater globally. Besides the U.S. market, Cisbay's beneficial microbes are currently applied in more than 10 international markets. Its sustainable soil remediation and water treatment solutions help farmers increase yields and profitability while optimizing their inorganic inputs, thereby, reducing GHG emissions, runoffs and industrial effluents that pollute waterways.

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