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This study focuses on the different utility-scale applications that can be supported by energy storage solutions. The study focuses on the recent innovations and product development aimed at improving the grid functionality.

Each of the energy storage solutions has a different set of performance parameters that make them suitable for different applications. For instance, the ice energy storage is better suited for supporting grid through processes like demand response and behind the meter energy storage while the molten salt and other heat storage solutions are suited for direct grid support.

Storage solutions are very crucial in supporting renewable capacity building and energy shifting. They help meet the challenges faced due to the intermittent energy generation nature of renewable sources. Each of these applications is discussed in the study to give an overview of the importance of energy storage.

Key Topics Covered

1. Executive Summary

1.1 Research Scope

1.2 Research Process and Methodology

1.3 Key Findings

2. Grid Scale Energy Storage Types and Overview

2.1 Operational Time is a Crucial Parameter in Grid Scale Applications

2.2 Electrochemical Storage Second Only to Pumped Hydro Storage

2.3 Ice Energy Storage Emerging as a Crucial Thermal Storage Solution

2.4 Longer Operational Lifetime is a Key Feature Fly Wheel Energy Storage and Compressed Air Energy Storage

3. Key Applications of Grid Scale Energy Storage

3.1 Renewable and Conventional Energy Shifting is a Crucial Energy Application

3.2 Faster Response Capabilities Enable Load Following and Regulation

3.3 Transmission Congestion Challenges can be Sorted Using Energy Storage

3.4 Capacity Firming is a Key Renewable-based Application of Energy Storage

4. Key Innovations in Battery Energy Storage

4.1 Sodium Sulfur Containerized Batteries for Prolonged Operation

4.2 Individual Cooling for Battery Units Makes More Efficient Solutions

4.3 Multiple Solutions to meet Individual End-user Needs

4.4 High Energy and High Power Solutions for Grid Scale Applications

4.5 Flow Batteries for Residential Applications

4.6 Titanium Electrode for Flow Batteries to Reduce Change in Electrode Composition with Usage

5. Innovations in Thermal Energy Storage

5.1 Modular Solution Using Volcanic Stones for Thermal Storage

5.2 Highly Scalable Modular Ice energy Storage for Commercial Application Onsite Support

5.3 Thermal Storage Solution with Smaller Footprint for Commercial Storage

6. Innovations in Mechanical Energy Storage

6.1 All Steel Flywheel Solution with High Recyclability

6.2 CAES Solution with No need for Fossil Fuel for Air Heating

6.3 CAES to Enable Wind Energy Generation in Texas

7. Analyst Insights and Conclusion

7.1 Government Funding Crucial in Enabling Storage Integration

7.2 New Business Models Enabled by Grid Scale Storage

8. Key Industry Contacts

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