Berthold Technologies Launches Radiometric Level Measurement System LB 470RID

BAD WILDBAD, Bavaria, June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Berthold Technologies Launches Radiometric Level Measurement System LB 470RID

Berthold Technologies introduces an enhanced version of its radiometric level measurement system LB 470. The LB 470RID is equipped with an algorithm that suppresses the influence of interference radiation on the measurement. The new Radiation Interference Discrimination (RID) feature helps plant operators to maintain a reliable measurement and to avoid unscheduled shutdowns.

Level Measurement without Interruption

The RID feature is based on a complex algorithm that allows distinguishing between interference and the real count rate radiated from the Cobalt-60 source of the nuclear gauge. In this way, the measurement will continue even in the presence of interference radiation. If external radiation is present, the detector switches to a second measuring channel and continues the measurement without any error.

Self-Learning Technology

The RID detector analyzes the energy spectrum of the detected radiation by using two separate measurement channels. While channel 2 covers only the higher energetic pulses, channel 1 covers the full gamma radiation spectrum. Lower gamma radiation pulses of welded joints and other sources which do not exceed the defined threshold value are not recorded in the second channel. Berthold's LB 470RID is a self-learning system that over time teaches in the process value rate for both channels.

User-Friendly Operation

Berthold's LB 470RID radiometric measurement system consists of three parts: a Co-60 measuring source, an RID detector and a separate evaluation unit for display and operation. The detector (either a UniSENS rod detector or a highly sensitive SuperSENS detector) is mounted at the measuring point. To activate the RID feature, the operator just needs to tick a checkbox. The switchover threshold to activate channel 2 is preset to a default value and can be adjusted in the system settings if required.

In the picture on the left side of the vessel the radiation sources are shown, both for a level measurement and for a max-level switch measurement and you can see the respective detectors on the right hand-side.

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