Soil Moisture, Drought Data Services Now Available In North America

SACRAMENTO, Calif., July 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The first global cloud service for soil moisture data delivers precise satellite information on defined areas, better informing irrigation practices, groundwater recharge, water conservation and other water resource management decisions.

Drought indices, plant available water (PAW) at root level, and soil moisture predictions help protect crops and optimize yield. More remote sensing data products calibrate hydrological models, especially in the absence of reliable streamflow information.

Low-cost subscriptions cover specific geographic areas for a certain period of time, delivering data via web browsers, API, or KISTERS Water software. Near real time information is available within six hours after satellite overpass. Historical information is available in high resolution from 2002, lower resolution from 1978. Spatial resolution begins with grids of 100 m x 100 m.

"The new service presents insightful information as straightforward graphics and maps, and in great detail for small catchments," says Michael Natschke, Head of Business Development at KISTERS AG. "VanderSat is a highly specialized partner that adds value to our water software portfolio."

VanderSat's patented microwave sensing method is the only area-wide technology for measuring soil moisture with precision comparable to air- or ground-based sensors. KISTERS integrates the data into its software for analysis, visualization and prediction of water data. Customizable alarms may be applied to reinforce data quality assurance and control.

KISTERS North America introduces the Soil Moisture Information Service and KISTERS' environmental data management systems at the 2019 American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) Annual International Meeting, July 8-11 in Boston, Mass.

"KISTERS focuses on integrating a wide array of data and streamlining data management. Access to accurate information deepens understanding of extreme weather impacts such that agricultural, biological and environmental engineers can address current and emerging issues facing the water-food nexus," explains Steve Elgie, Regional Sales & Support Manager.

KISTERS is a multinational IT company of 500+ worldwide employees dedicated to developing leading-edge information systems for sustainable management of water, energy and air quality. Leveraging 50+ years of engineering expertise, KISTERS is recognized for core competencies in hydrologic science, operational insight and custom-configured solutions. KISTERS supports environmental resource stewardship on six continents via clients who range from small private firms to large governmental authorities. Explore

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