Adaptrum announces partnership with BRI Energy to offer integrated solution for providing affordable self-powered internet access to world's unserved regions

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Adaptrum, a leading supplier of wireless broadband equipment utilizing shared TV White Space (TVWS) spectrum, today announced a partnership with BRI Energy, a leader in developing innovative clean energy and off-grid solutions.

Approximately 4 billion people globally lack access to affordable internet access. Additionally, 1.3 billion people around the world lack access to electricity including 600 million in Africa. Lack of reliable access to electricity inhibits the ability to access the internet. To facilitate connectivity and increase access, Adaptrum and BRI developed a self-powered broadband system using unused TV spectrum.

Adaptrum's partnership with BRI Energy comes on the heels of recent advances in several African countries, including South Africa and Ghana, to allow the use TVWS technology, which uses underutilized TV band spectrum to provide affordable wireless broadband internet access. The long-range characteristics of TVWS makes it ideal for connecting remote and sparsely populated communities. However, reliable internet infrastructure requires reliable access to electricity. In countries where communities are off-grid or black-outs can be an all to common event, lack of reliable energy access has emerged as a significant impediment to internet connectivity.

"Since deploying the first African TV White Space system in Kenya, Adaptrum has seen the potential of TV White Space technology to bring much needed connectivity to remote and unserved communities across the continent and in other developing regions," said Haiyun Tang, CEO of Adaptrum. "Unfortunately, in many developing countries, lack of electric grid infrastructure and thus a reliable power source has often been a major obstacle in achieving our goal. With today's partnership we are looking to remove that obstacle."

Additionally, the partnership will bring affordable clean energy to off-grid residences and communities. The integrated connectivity enables remote digital control and intelligent unattended automatic operation.

"We are excited to partner with Adaptrum, the leading TVWS and dynamic spectrum broadband technology provider. Our broadband with power solution has great potential to offer self-powered affordable connectivity for many world's unserved markets today," said Jane Wu, President of BRI Energy. "Integrating connectivity & energy solutions is critical to governments, service providers, and individual communities in developing nations to close their digital divides, and we are taking the step today to offer a combined broadband and power solution."

By addressing both internet and energy access needs, Adaptrum and BRI Energy hope to contribute to the accelerated development of remote unserved communities worldwide.

About Adaptrum:
Driving both technical and regulatory innovations, Adaptrum has pioneered the use of previously underutilized TV White Space spectrum. Founded by leading experts in wireless communications, our creative and experienced team is committed to fundamentally changing the wireless industry and enabling universally affordable broadband.

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About BRI Energy:
BRI Energy is a Silicon Valley based smart energy solution provider with vision to build a sustainable world through disruptive technologies. With decades of successful experiences in business and technology development, the company is dedicated to provide the leading smart energy solution features its proprietary RAISE framework design: Reliable - Affordable - Impactful - Sustainable - Environmental and serve the emerging market demands.

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