Ultra-Low Cooling: North Slope Chillers Releases New Chiller Product

SALT LAKE CITY, July 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- North Slope Chillers recently unveiled a new ultra-low temperature chiller that is capable of reaching -112°F. The chiller is nicknamed "Deep Chill."

Deep Chill will be a part of North Slope Chillers' Deep Freeze line of chiller products, and is available for purchase.

Previously, chillers could only attain temperatures above 10°F. North Slope Chillers engineer Chad Meeks explained how the company was able to manufacture a chiller that could reach more than 100 degrees colder.

"We worked with our suppliers to implement a cascade-style cooling system," Meeks said, "which has two separate refrigeration circuits."

Cascade systems work by pre-chilling coolants in a first circuit, then sending that liquid or gas to be chilled even further in a second circuit.

"This technology is common knowledge," Meeks said. "It's not new, but it's the first time we've done it. We're one of five businesses to have this kind of chiller available. We felt we could compete with those other companies by using readily available parts, leading to short lead times and a lower price."

Deep Chill comes in three sizes: ½-ton (NSC0500-ULT), 1-ton (NSC1000-ULT), and 2-ton (NSC2000-ULT). It should be noted that the chillers' heat removal capacity does not change when cooling between temperatures of 70°F and -60°F.

Industries that use these ultra-low temperature chillers include oil extraction, where ethanol gas is condensed into liquids, and space exploration, where chillers are used to replicate the coldness of space in vacuum chambers during satellite endurance tests.

"We've been working on this since March of this year," Meeks said. "We saw the need, and our customers were asking for it. You could order it today and we'd get it built up for you pretty quick."

To order a Deep Chill chiller or for more information, visit www.northslopechillers.com or call (866) 826-2993. You can also email info@northslopechillers.com.

North Slope Chillers products can be found in nearly every industry where keeping cool is essential. From lasers to chemicals, dairy to plastics, and welding to cannabis, North Slope Chillers will continue to meet the world's chilling needs.

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