FX Empire Releases Its Macro Section and Its New Economic Calendars

TEL AVIV, Israel, July 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- FXEmpire.com, a top tier financial publisher, has recently unveiled new macroeconomic data and calendars sections that offer a tremendous array of economic data for investors. The goal of these new sections is to allow traders to get a better understanding of the macroeconomic environment and develop better strategies to improve their trading performance.

New user-friendly and comprehensive macro indicators section

The new Global Macro Indicators section aggregates both the latest available and historical data for about 15,000 indicators across the world. Additions such as top economic indicators, major economy macro figures, credit rating/interest rate changes, and an economic calendar are great enhancements to the FX Empire toolset.

The Credit Ratings category, for instance, provides a view on the current sovereign credit ratings of numerous countries, as well as their current rating outlooks, as determined by the top 4 rating agencies (Moody's, S&P, Fitch and DBRS). This section is instrumental for traders, as it shows the ability of a country to borrow money. This also has an impact on the borrowing costs of companies, households and investors.

The Central Banks Interest rates page is a great resource to get a global view of the interest rate environment across the globe, crucial information as these rates impact all asset classes. This page allows you to see when each central bank meeting will take place, and when the last interest rate changes were made.

The Global Major Indicators section is a comparative table showing how countries compare to each other when it comes to global macroeconomics figures, such as GDP, interest rates, inflation, employment, debt and much more. These figures are critical for determining the economic health and relative strength of a given country, and are thus indispensable for forex traders.

Monitor market moving events with the new live Economic / Holiday Calendars

Economic Calendar

With its improved design and real-time data, traders can easily follow the events that influence their trading the most. More countries and events are now available, with more detailed explanations and historic view. Traders can filter by impact, country or category, and be well prepared for the upcoming events that will make or break their trades

Holiday Calendar

FX Empire launched a holiday calendar that covers all the major economies and stock exchanges providing crucial information on when major exchanges are closed, which impacts market liquidity and volatility.

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