Trade Office of Ecuador in New York Celebrates the NY Launch of e-Ecuador, New B2B E-commerce Platform Connecting Buyers and Ecuadorian Exporters

NEW YORK, July 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of the Government of Ecuador's commitment to innovation and increasing US-Ecuador trade and investment, the Trade Office of Ecuador in New York commemorated yesterday the New York launch of its new B2B e-commerce platform, e-Ecuador (, that connects international buyers directly with Ecuadorian exporters. The launch was celebrated at an event featuring Ecuador's New York Trade Commissioner Ana Maria Gallardo, the President of the Ecuadorean American Association Juana Caicedo, and leading US and Ecuadorian business leaders.

"The development and launch of e-Ecuador is representative of a new Ecuador," said Ana Maria Gallardo, Ecuador's New York Trade Commissioner. "Over the past two years, we have taken significant steps to innovate, to open our country to international business, and to deepen our relationship with our many partners in the United States. Now, we're excited that e-Ecuador will dramatically streamline and improve the process of connecting Ecuadorian exporters with American importers, paving the way for stronger, deeper, and easier trade and investment between Ecuadorian and US businesses."

With the launch of the tech-forward e-Ecuador platform, developed in 2018 by Ecuador's Viceministry of Production, Foreign Trade, Investments and Fisheries, US buyers will now be able to directly find, negotiate, and purchase with a click of the button more than 2,000 high-quality products and services, such as Ecuador's amazing fruits and vegetables, quinoa, fish and aquaculture, flowers, handicrafts, textiles, and more. All sellers of raw materials, value-added products, and services on the platform are from vetted Ecuadorian companies that have undergone a training process conducted by the Viceministry.

The new platform seeks to further the growing and opening US-Ecuador trade relationship. The US is Ecuador's main trading partner, and in 2018 Ecuador exported $6.6 billion, almost half of that in the non-oil sector. Under its current leadership, Ecuador has worked to increase the presence of its products and services in the US market, and to attract investments to the country. Ecuador has implemented new economic policies such as tax incentives, tariffs cuts, and an open sky policy that helps investors to find new opportunities. Ecuador has also expanded connectivity to the US, with new air routes opened this year between New York and Guayaquil via JetBlue and Avianca.

"Many new US companies and funds have demonstrated their trust in Ecuador not only by re-investing, but also by opening new companies in our country," added Gallardo. "We hope that these relationships continue to grow in the years to come. Ecuador will continue to be a country of opportunities."

Since its recent global launch, importers from all over the world have already completed millions of dollars in successful transactions on e-Euador after registering through its incredibly simple 3-step process at Once registered and approved, buyers will have access to all the information of Ecuador's export offerings. The negotiation and buying process takes place entirely on the platform between buyers and sellers, with no intermediaries, allowing for unprecedented ease of use, transparency, and security.

"Ecuador has a lot to offer the world," added Gallardo. "We have beautiful roses, the best shrimp in the world, the finest cocoa, incredible natural resources, and amazingly diverse ecosystems and environments. And because of our geographic position we are also a regional logistics hub. Now, through this platform, we are continuing to innovate and place ourselves at the forefront of technology, positioning Ecuadorian products and services as the highest in quality and generating business without borders."

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