Grasp Technologies Releases GraspPAY for Guest Travel

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Grasp Technologies, the leader in data management, consolidation, payment integration and data visualization for the travel industry announced the release of GraspPAY for Guest Travel. The requirements and needs that come with handling non-employee and guest travelers pose a challenge for corporate travel departments. GraspPAY for Guest Travel helps solve that issue. With this addition, GraspPAY now offers a range of service options for handling guest travel fully integrated with its industry leading virtual payment solutions. These new services include:

    --  Dedicated service website for capturing personal travel requirements of
        recruits, contractors, suppliers, and customers traveling on behalf of
        the corporation
    --  Service options for managing guest traveler requirements by either
        employee sponsor or directly by guest traveler
    --  Direct integration with corporation preferred travel suppliers and
        real-time synchronization of guest traveler to guest-travel support
        through a variety of channels
    --  Ability to configure default travel rules and policies with multiple
        options, such as by type of guest, employee sponsor and/or by business
    --  Virtual payment services tightly integrated with guest travel workflow
    --  Convenient settlement experience for air travel and hotel stays of
        guest, while providing extensive business controls for the corporation
    --  Sophisticated business intelligence suite and dashboarding, with a
        comprehensive and dynamic view into air and hotel expenditure of guest
        related travel across the corporation

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Grasp Technologies helps clients navigate constantly changing business environments by providing the right combination of custom and standardized data management solutions and support. Grasp Technologies was founded in 1996 and works extensively in the travel industry and other ancillary industries worldwide. Grasp Technologies has offices in San Diego, California and Columbus, Ohio.

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