GroundLink Launches New Events and Analytics Dashboards

CHICAGO, Aug. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- GroundLink, a leading black car company doing business in more than 460 cities worldwide, announces the release of their new Events Dashboard and Analytics Dashboard. Building on the success of BRIO, GroundLink's highly-regarded corporate travel management app, the Events Dashboard will make arranging and managing travel for events and meetings streamlined, customized, and responsive. The Analytics Dashboard improves transparency to enable travel managers to manage their spend and gain control of their ground transportation program. GroundLink introduced the enhancements at the Global Business Travel Association's (GBTA) annual Media Day.

Events Dashboard

The Events Dashboard is the answer to many of the common issues travel managers face as they arrange transportation for groups both large and small. This mobile integration will provide a 100% on-the-go solution that is critical for event planners, who can monitor and modify rides as well as download manifests, no matter where they are.

Users will be able to download and share manifests from their mobile devices and modify rides as needed. Monitoring travel for small or large numbers of passengers will be easier than ever for the entire event planning team with arrival alerts, ride tracking transparency for event planners and passengers, and access to rides, manifests, and invoices through web, phone, or tablet. The Events Dashboard offers innovations like easy-to-scan event rides, 10-minute VIP arrival alerts, and the ability for event passengers to track their rides and contact their drivers without an app.

Travel arrangers will have access to GroundLink's dedicated and experienced event management team that can assist in selecting vehicles, arranging services, and making any last-minute changes. Furthermore, greeters, coordinators, and dispatchers are now available by request. In the interest of financial and environmental responsibility, the new Events Dashboard also offers a car sharing option.

"Our design team spent a lot of time talking to our events customers to find out what would improve their experience," said Matt Sasso, Vice President of Product Management & Design for GroundLink. "When we came back to them with the finished product, they loved the simple, straightforward nature of the new dashboard and said it will make managing the entire event process much easier."

Analytics Dashboard

The Analytics Dashboard is travel managers' at-a-glance monitor of key spend areas in their ground travel programs. It is flexible and customizable, allowing multiple views of time periods, markets, and users as well as information on booking trends, cancellations, and wait time. Empowering travel professionals with a precise understanding of their travel programs, the analytics dashboard will better enable policy alignment, user management, and ultimately cost savings.

With the enhanced analytics, travel managers can reduce costs for their companies by pinpointing spikes and atypical patterns in traveler behavior. Data on excessive wait time or late cancellations will allow them to reinforce travel policies with their users.

The Dashboard also improves reporting. At a glance, users can view their spend in any time period over the last 18 months by their top five markets, booking trends, cancellations, wait time, and aggregated spend and can identify the top ten passengers in each category. The Dashboard enables travel arrangers to easily prepare and communicate ground transportation analysis for use in presentations or in interactive meetings with staff.

About GroundLink

Founded in 2003, GroundLink provides corporate clients and leisure travelers with safe, reliable, and professional chauffeured car service in major cities around the world. With the industry's only ON TIME EVERY TIME® Guarantee, professional and licensed drivers, exceptional customer service, and advanced technology, GroundLink sets a new standard for ground transportation.

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