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NAPERVILLE, Ill., Aug. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- INTERBUILD REAL WOOD®, a furniture company based in Asia with roots in Sweden, has discovered a new furniture segment in North America, BALCONY FURNITURE for European style BALCONY LIVING. Consumer reaction to the new Balcony Range of outdoor furniture introduced by INTERBUILD to the North American market has been phenomenal, validating the unmet need.

Dave Murray, CEO of Interbuild Distribution (CAN) Ltd. remembers: "I stood with two directors of INTERBUILD on the waterfront in Toronto 2 years ago as we counted balconies on high rise condominium buildings that were 95% empty. We counted over 3000 on that quay side view alone before we gave up!" The concept of BALCONY LIVING was born at that point and developed quickly to what is offered today.

"We are astonished by the initial sales of these unique and functional solid Acacia hardwood Scandinavian Designs since their introduction in January," says Bob Merrill, CEO of Interbuild Distribution (US) LLC. "The realization that there are thousands of unused balconies in condominiums was the inspiration for the development of the concept of Balcony Furniture. The line consists of 4 chairs, 2 sizes of rail hanging folding tables, 2 counter- height bar tables and a standard height folding table, perfect for any size of balcony," says Merrill. "The crown jewel of the line is the Camp 20 acacia interlocking deck tile system, designed to cover floors with a warm wood surface. The line combines to enhance any balcony setting, especially when the owner adds their choice of potted plants."

INTERBUILD has sold more than 10 million sq ft of the Camp 20 tiles with interlocking construction worldwide, initially produced from waste coming from a bathroom shelf produced for a leading furniture retailer. It has climbed to the number 1 Best Seller among more than 10.000 articles offered under indoor and outdoor flooring by a major online E-Commerce retailer within weeks after launching in May.

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"Not limited to balconies, the line is perfect for Patios, Porches, Restaurants, Cafe's and more," Dave continues. "All furniture is tested and approved for both domestic and commercial use. All products are oiled with Interbuild's proprietary ZERO % VOC Hardwax oil, giving a super smooth finish that is approved for contact with food."

"It is not every day that you discover a new market. Think of all the empty balconies in high rises throughout the U.S. and Canada. We are very pleased by the reaction so far. It appears that we are on to something," finishes Dave.

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