New Attenti GPS Device for Criminal Justice Agencies First to Include Wi-Fi Tracking and Communication

ODESSA, Florida, Aug. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Attenti, an established leader in the electronic monitoring industry, has released the Attenti One-Piece Tracking Device (AT1), the first in the industry to feature Wi-Fi tracking and communication to aid criminal justice agencies in their monitoring efforts.

Featuring Wi-Fi tracking as one of its three location technologies, the AT1 utilizes Wi-Fi access points to continue tracking in the absence of a Global Positioning System (GPS) signal. This makes the AT1 ideal for urban environments where gaps in GPS signals can occur -- such as in underground transit systems, industrial parks, and large commercial buildings.

Additionally, the AT1 device's ability to reliably communicate data via LTE or Wi-Fi network benefits criminal justice agencies serving rural or remote areas where cellular coverage is limited or nonexistent.

"Key insights from our customers, combined with Attenti's long legacy of innovative technology, helped us develop a Wi-Fi enabled electronic monitoring device that tracks and communicates more reliably than any in our industry," said Arnie Roese, Vice President and General Manager of Attenti North America. "The AT1 helps criminal justice agencies in their mission to improve offender compliance, promote rehabilitation, and keep communities safe and secure - even those with subways, large shopping malls and factories, limited cellular coverage, and other features that can make tracking and communication a challenge."

The new AT1 device also includes an upgrade to the LTE network and other robust new features including the widest array of interference detection in the industry: cellular jamming, GPS jamming, device shielding, and motion detection.

The Attenti One-Piece Tracking Device is now available to agencies and companies in the United States and Canada. To request a demonstration, please call 866-213-0240 or email

About Attenti:

As one of the largest global electronic monitoring companies in the industry, Attenti tracks more than 70,000 offenders in over 30 countries for criminal justice agencies. With twenty-five years of engineering, manufacturing, and implementing electronic monitoring equipment and system solutions, Attenti pioneered the offender tracking industry by being the first company to integrate the multiple technologies of RF, GPS, and cellular communications into a comprehensive offender tracking solution. Attenti provides a full spectrum of electronic monitoring solutions tailored to each customer's unique requirements.

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