Bionaze Probiotic awarded Federal Trademark

BOCA RATON, Fla., Aug. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Specifically designed for ear, nose, and throat (ENT) care, the Bionaze probiotic supplement was awarded a U.S. Federal Trademark #5836379. "We are very pleased that to receive the trademark for Bionaze as this will further enhance the value of our marketing strategy for this amazing new probiotic formula" says Bionaze's CEO Steve Williams.

Bionaze is formulated with BLIS K12 and BL-04, both cutting edge probiotic strains clinically proven to prevent and reduce bacteria from taking hold. Bionaze acts as a probiotic force field targeting chronic ENT and mouth issues thus preventing harmful bacterial growth.

BLIS K12 is a relatively new probiotic strain with proven potential. Its main health benefit is getting rid of streptococcus pyogene - a harmful bacteria that causes tonsilitis, scarlet fever, and similar infections. BLIS K12 is also the strain of good bacteria responsible for infants "baby breath" and provides users long lasting breath benefit.

Bionaze works by attaching to your oral cavity and crowding out the bad bacteria inside. That's why it's ideal for getting rid of halitosis, gum disease or dry throat and using prior to, during and after being exposed to large groups of people such as while traveling or at sporting events.

In Milan, a study has confirmed the effectiveness of Bionaze's BLIS K12 in preventing streptococcal pharyngotonsilitis in children. The American Society for Microbiology also found that it helps prevent severe candidiasis.

Meanwhile, several studies have proven that the BL-04 contained in Bionaze is very effective in boosting immunity and preventing Strep Throat. In Australia, a trial was conducted to determine what probiotic strain best promotes immune functions. Participants who were given BL-04 have shown a 27% lower incidence of upper respiratory infections after 5 months.

Recent clinical evidence shows that it also helps alleviate rhinovirus and hay fever in both adults and children.

For those struggling with nasal allergies, this one two punch blend of probiotic strains each has proven to improve sinus health too. It does this by maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria in the upper respiratory tract. This, in turn, improves our body's tolerance to allergens.

Bionaze helps improve breathing, eliminates post-nasal drip and helps reduce phlegm by promoting proper drainage.

Williams started further, "We know that for probiotic bacteria must reach your body alive. The two particular strains contained in Bionaze need time to attach in order to propagate in your oral cavities. Bionaze is formulated to taste great so we are very confident in the overall market acceptability and prospects for long term use."

"The slow dissolving lozenge exposes the bacteria to your oral surfaces for an extended period. This lets them to more effectively colonize your mouth and upper respiratory area. The longer it stays there, the faster you will feel its effects."

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