National Leader in Innovative HR Solutions Reveals Recruiting Platform For Growing Cannabis Industry

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Progressive human resources firm, Faces Human Capital Management, fosters the unique legal cannabis industry's community through new recruiting platform, which provides geo-located job listings, live video functionality and instant data sharing. Cannabis industry employers and job seekers can now instantaneously collaborate through the apps technology, making it easier for them to connect like never before.

The new online mobile application, at, was recently unveiled by Faces Human Capital Management (HCM). The app will be fully operational by September 1, although job-seekers and employers can currently access it through its landing page.

Through the app, employers and job-seekers are able to upload job listings, locations, print and video resumes and other files. They also have the ability to share and access all that information in real time during live video interviews. Job-seekers can upload a print resume that can link-up with a company via text SMS, which eliminates the need, and possible delay, for email. They can also send information, including video, while talking live with a potential employer. Those looking for employment are even able to upload a 2.5 minute-long video resume to increase their recruitment chances. Employers can list and edit job listings in real time, all with geolocated maps, detailed job descriptions and "Apply Now" links. They also now have real-time access to a quality labor pool.

Chris Cassese, the company's co-founder and managing director, says "While there are online job boards, I believe we've set a precedent with our fully-optimized app for iOS and Android by establishing an instantly-connected job recruiting community for the cannabis industry. In cannabis we want your uniqueness to shine. We want employers to see who you are, to value the uniqueness that you bring, along with your skills and attributes, and to match you up the jobs that they have."

The online mobile platform is free for job-hunters, and the cost for employers is noticeably less than other available job recruitment services. All the while offering companies instant access to detailed information about tens of thousands of jobseekers.

As a progressive human capital management company focusing on the cannabis space, Faces HCM is growing rapidly. It has offices in Colorado, Oregon, Washington State, California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Washington, D.C. - with plans to expand in the near future into Canada and other nations interested in the legal cannabis sector.

"This app is a great entry point for people interested in cannabis, whether they're dipping their toe in or jumping into the deep end. We've set up a community that provides job-seekers with access to some of the best-in-class employers around the county and, in the future, globally," says Cassese.

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Faces HCM is a progressive Professional Employee Organization (PEO) that provides human resources, payroll, benefits and more for small businesses. The company creates customized solutions that truly focus on the needs of business owners and their employees through a consultative approach. We look at human resources through a different lens. HR shouldn't be a cost of doing business - it should be a revenue producer. When your employees are empowered, treated well and feel committed to their company there is less turn over, more productivity and a healthier culture. Faces HCM provides these services to underserved markets such as the growing legal cannabis industry and any business owner who strives for a customized, transparent, and flexible option for all their administrative and human resource needs.

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