Advises: 'It's Never Too Early to Begin Speculating on the Odds for Super Bowl 2020'

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- (BSB -- shared its enthusiasm for the upcoming NFL season and Super Bowl 54, scheduled to take place in February 2020. And with nearly 15 teams that have a legitimate shot at winning, Super Bowl 2020 may be one of the most even playing fields in history. BSB regularly provides futures odds for NFL and Super Bowl events, in addition to mobile-friendly educational materials that helps sports fans who require up-to-date information to successfully enjoy legal online betting.

Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens will be the host for Super Bowl 54, and excitement for the season leading up to the game is already palpable as dozens of teams begin vying to secure those coveted two spots on the playing field. With so many outlets proclaiming favorites to win -- from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Rams, Saints and Patriots -- Super Bowl 54 has inspired a crowded betting season. BSB offers gaming enthusiasts a one-stop location for Super Bowl news, NFL season highlights, as well as reviews and links for the most popular online sportsbooks and betting sites for players from the U.S. and Canada.

Live NFL Odds and Wild Cards

To wager, betters have to learn how to use the top sportsbooks. NFL odds change constantly, especially given the chaotic nature of game play: injuries, coaching strategy changes, etc. To keep up with all of the shifting currents, experienced betters pick a select few sources of reliable information and lean upon those to inform them throughout the season; especially for some of the most fun aspects of online gaming, like prop bets.

BSB offers sneak peaks into all of the prop bets that occur during the Super Bowl game. From the coin toss to length of the National Anthem, or the color of the Gatorade used, almost every aspect of the Super Bowl has a game associated with it, with over a 150 plus different varieties. BSB monitors many of these games, offers advice regarding them and links users to sites like BOVADA which allows gaming on these odds.

And though everyone tries to game the Super Bowl odds, there have been instances of wild card teams overtaking seasonal favorites. The best strategy is to stay informed. BSB offers detailed instruction that leads sports fans through the process of online betting -- from helping readers analyze game data to deciding on all the particular custom-tailored sportsbooks that accept U.S. players.

Some Current Odds for Super Bowl 54

    --  Kansas City Chiefs 8-1
    --  Los Angeles Rams 9-1
    --  New Orleans Saints 17-2
    --  Indianapolis Colts 14-1
    --  Dallas Cowboys 20-1
    --  Cincinnati Bengals 125-1

Super Bowl LIV: The Known Facts

    --  Where: Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida.
    --  When: Sunday, February 2(nd), 2020.
    --  Who: To be announced.
    --  Super Bowl Betting Favorites: Right now, the New England Patriots are
        7-1 betting favorites. These odds are subject to change.

The best odds and biggest payouts are always long before the Super Bowl participants are announced. Stay current with NFL team information and their overall odds at


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