AMT unveils IntelliDrive PLUS ahead of farm shows, winter wheat planting

PROLE, Iowa, Sept. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ag Manufacturing & Technology (AMT), a precision ag technology and equipment company, announced today it will unveil its next-generation IntelliDrive manifold for John Deere 1900/1910 commodity carts this month at Husker Harvest Days and Canada's Outdoor Farm Show.

Like its first-generation IntelliDrive system, AMT's new IntelliDrive PLUS is an add-on exclusive to John Deere commodity carts. Its motorized manifold is directed by proprietary Raven Applied Technology software that displays on the John Deere split screen or any monitor. With GPS precision, the IntelliDrive PLUS promises farmers a short ROI with seed and fertilizer input cost reductions up to 20%.

Commodity carts cover far more acres than John Deere 1690/1990 drills, and do so with one-pass seed and fertilizer. Iowa farmer and AMT founder Rusty Kordick says the ROI on IntelliDrive PLUS will be even greater when it trims the overruns in both seed and fertilizer.

"The key to farming today is taking the equipment you already own and maximizing it to the fullest potential. That's what IntelliDrive PLUS does. Commodity carts are bigger and used by farmers who farm more ground, and when they make a pass, they're also putting fertilizer down," Kordick says. "The payback for IntelliDrive PLUS will be even better because of input volumes."

IntelliDrive, AMT's original add-on manifold built for John Deere 1690/1990s, recently celebrated its 1 millionth acre planted. Both systems are ideal for any small grain seeds such as soybean, wheat, cotton, canola, lentil, hemp, peas, cover crops and more. Growers have discovered far less lodging from overplanting after deploying IntelliDrive.

IntelliDrive and IntelliDrive PLUS are sold and serviced by select dealers. To calculate savings as a function of input savings over total acreage, visit

AMT is a precision-ag-tech platform innovator manufacturing farm machinery that eliminates overseeding on all types of terrain. Patented, GPS-enabled software and proprietary motorized manifold integrate with the touchscreen displays standard in John Deere air seeders and commodity carts. Overseeding saddles commodity farmers with unnecessary costs. Early IntelliDrive adopters have said they achieved 100% ROI within one growing season. Visit

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