Travel App "LGND" Expands To Asheville - Provides Vistors With Authentic Advice From Locals

ASHEVILLE, N.C., Sept. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- With the Fall tourism season arriving, a Charleston, SC-based company is expanding its service to Asheville in hopes of providing visitors with authentic recommendations and tips from Asheville area locals.

LGND (pronounced 'legend') is the travel app that matches travelers with "packs" of information provided by locals on what to do, what to know, and where to go when visiting Asheville. The app works by asking users a short set of questions, and based on their answers, the app calculates which local "LGND Guide" is best suited to provide recommendations. The app factors in the user's age range, budget, trip type, and more.

"Think TripAdvisor meets," says Founder & CEO, Patrick Gallagher. "Authentic travel experiences are out there. But they are hidden behind highly-biased reviews and rating sites, paid influencers, outdated editorials, sponsored content, and more. Our app eliminates the static and connects like-minded people who can share relevant, authentic, and accurate travel advice."

The LGND app launched in the Spring of 2019 in Charleston, SC, with over 40 Charleston area residents now providing their personalized recommendations to the area's visitors. Asheville marks the company's first expansion from Charleston. But the company will soon launch in other popular tourist destinations this Fall, with Chicago, Nashville, and Savannah already announced.

"Our growing community of users have all experienced major travel planning fatigue," said Gallagher. "The companies in the current landscape are trying to reduce that fatigue by compiling data, feeds, and photos from across the internet to make educated guesses. We feel that introducing a human element is a much better solution. Our users agree that connecting with a local is much more valuable to travelers than being fed suggestions using big data and artificial intelligence."

LGND is hosting a Launch Party in Asheville at Bhramari Brewing Co. on Thursday, September 19 at 5:30pm and is inviting the community to learn more, meet some of its LGND Guides, and continue building a community that supports local businesses and creates a stronger tourism industry. For more details about the app, visit or connect on social media (@LGNDapp) on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.