RockPro Lands Huge Deal with the World's Largest Truckstop & Balkamp

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Now supplying windshield repair kits to major truckstops across the United States and Canada, RockPro Enterprises is holding strong in growth and popularity. New supply deals, upgraded packaging, and new prices have their product taking a firm hold of the windshield repair industry.

Specializing in windshield repair, RockPro's one-of-a-kind patented process is the best DIY solution to fixing pesky windshield chips and pits. They remove bigger chips, better and faster than any competitor on the market - and all for a cheaper price.

Since their launch in March 2019 they have received astounding results and interest in their DIY kit. While their expansion is developing fast, they are proving they're ready for it, gearing up to be the go-to windshield repair kit across the United States.

RockPro landed a huge deal with the IOWA 80 Group, now supplying windshield repair kits to all their major locations including "the world's largest truckstop." They also finalized negotiations with NAPA Auto Parts, supplying kits across their wholesale division - Balkamp. And with ongoing negotiations with auto companies in Mexico and other oversea suppliers, we expect to see RockPro repair kits popping up in all sectors of the auto repair industry.

Once retailers get their hands on one of RockPro's DIY kits, they quickly see they can be successfully used by literally ANYONE. With an instructional video depicting a 4-year-old girl successfully repairing a chipped windshield in less than 10 minutes, they are proving their DIY kit is truly a DO IT YOURSELF SUCCESS!

RockPro's interchangeable hot and cold cartridge options, catering to various climates and weather changes, has become a game changer for commercial fleets in need of fast windshield repair in any circumstance or situation.

The RockPro commercial unit is on track to become the standard in the auto repair industry. This kit is perfect for automotive body shops, mobile glass repair companies, wholesale automotive supply stores and commercial fleets. With a big pit adapter and a corner adapter the commercial repair kit can be adjusted to repair larger pits and all types of corners and edges. For a total cost of $69.99, and with replacement cartridges as low as $2.25 each, the RockPro commercial unit is the most affordable quality windshield repair kit in the auto-repair industry.

The RockPro DIY unit is perfect for every garage, roadside emergency kit, and do-it-yourselfers. For a total cost of $24.99, it is the most affordable quality DIY windshield repair kits available today.

You can find RockPro's DIY windshield repair kits at and in their three Las Vegas locations: 2915 Losee Road ste 101, 4726 Flamingo, and 3111 S. Valley View Blvd Ste 0-101.

Place your order now to ensure your shelves are stocked and your customers are guaranteed a successful chip repair process! Place your order on today.

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