Densitas Inc. Wins Major Procurement of Its AI-Powered Breast Density Software for DIMASOS Breast Screening Trial

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, Sept. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ ---- Densitas Inc., a leading provider of AI solutions for digital mammography, announced today it has won a procurement of its densitas densityai(TM) software for deployment in up to twenty-four breast cancer screening clinics across Germany that will provide breast density measurements at point of care to identify women for supplemental breast cancer screening as part of the DIMASOS 2 Trial.

Prof. Dr. Sylvia H. Heywang-Köbrunner, M.D., Head of Referenzzentrum Mammographie München, internationally recognized for her pioneering work in contrast-enhanced breast MRI and modern biopsy procedures, is using densitas densityai(TM) breast density measures to establish a supplemental ultrasound screening protocol in the DIMASOS 2 trial.

"Women with dense breasts are subject to the masking effect of mammographic density and its association with breast cancer risk. The objective of the DIMASOS 2 trial is to test whether combined mammography/ultrasound exams can improve early cancer detection and if this can feasibly and cost effectively be done in routine screening workflow," said Dr. Heywang-Köbrunner. "The unique ability of the Densitas® software to analyze prior 'for presentation' mammograms from a wide range of mammography scanner vendor models is pivotal to this trial and is important for any practical clinical deployment."

Densitas densityai(TM) delivers fully automated, standardized, and reproducible breast density assessments from standard DICOM clinical use mammograms. Results from densitas densityai(TM) are generated by two distinct algorithms that decouple the breast density assessment into quantitative and qualitative scales in alignment with the ACR BI-RADS 4(th) and 5(th) edition density classification systems. These results can be incorporated into breast cancer risk models to provide standardized and reproducible patient-specific risk estimates.

"Being selected as the vendor of choice to provide automated breast density assessment for the DIMASOS 2 Trial attests to our modern AI-driven technology superseding dated breast density algorithms developed prior to the introduction of the ACR BI-RADS 5th ed. density scale in 2013," said Mo Abdolell, Densitas CEO. "Densitas densityai(TM) processes the same clinical use images that radiologists examine, setting it apart by enabling seamless PACS-centric integrations and retrospective auditing capabilities of routinely archived exams. This makes it an ideal fit for the DIMASOS 2 trial. More broadly this also simplifies clinical deployments, and is more cost effective and deeply integrated into radiologist reporting workflows with key applications and platforms that include Nuance PowerScribe One and PowerScribe 360 Reporting, The Nuance AI Marketplace, Ikonopedia structured breast reporting and tracking software, TeraRecon's AI interoperability platform, EnvoyAI, Blackford Platform and Curated Marketplace, and Three Palm Software's WorkstationOne."

About Densitas:
Our vision is to move the needle in breast cancer screening through tailored patient management for sustainable healthcare service delivery. Densitas develops advanced AI-powered solutions that deliver on-demand actionable insights through point-of-care and advanced healthcare analytics for breast health management aimed at improved patient outcomes. The densitasai(TM) platform, comprising densitas densityai(TM), densitas qualityai(TM) and densitas riskai(TM) tackles pressing challenges facing breast cancer screening today, including precision breast health, mammography quality, workflow efficiencies, compliance with national standards, and meeting accreditation requirements.

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