BUTTON Wallet Launches FIRST Official GRAM Wallet on Telegram, on the heels of a 10K User-Adoption Swoop in just 10 Days with TON TESTNET Grams

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- BUTTON Wallet, a leading messenger-based cryptocurrency solution for trading and buying digital assets, announced the first test net on TON last month, which reached 10,000 users in 10 days. Now the Company is announcing the ability of Telegram users to hold, store, and send GRAMs through its platform - the first live Telegram GRAM Wallet.

Telegram is notorious for doing the largest ICO in Blockchain history at 1.7 Billion; one of the most anticipated events in blockchain history. TON presale investors have been anxiously awaiting the keys to their GRAMS, and will finally get the chance to receive them on October 31, 2019. The TON Blockchain is scalable and flexible, made up of a master chain in combination with two accompanying blockchains. The TON blockchain can process millions of transactions per second and supports both micropayments and micropayment networks. The platform also has the ability to instantly process off-chain value transfers between users, bots, and outside services. These transfers are guaranteed to be as secure as transactions on the blockchain, due to safeguards that are built into the system.

"October 31st will mark years of waiting for this monumental event, and BUTTON Wallet is proud to be one of the first GRAM wallets where TON investors can take advantage of holding, sending, and storing their assets," said Rachael McCrary, COO at BUTTON Wallet. "With the success of our TESTNET Grams that allowed users to become acclimated to TON and BUTTON Wallet, we expect the momentum behind GRAMS being available to only further mass adoption of cryptocurrency to the masses"

The BUTTON Wallet TON wallet will be live in November. BUTTON will be one of the first GRAMs wallets in Telegram and users can send GRAMs to other peers using their Telegram usernames, thus making the process fast, simple, and safe.

"The BUTTON team is focused on bringing new technology to life that enhances real people's lives. A lot of people are talking about new technology [Libra, TON, large banking tokens] and we are actually, in reality, doing it right now," continued Alexandr Safonov, CEO at BUTTON Wallet.

BUTTON Wallet is a messenger-based software solution for trading and buying digital assets. Understood easiest as The Venmo for crypto, the wallet has gained 150,000 users since launching in Q4 of 2018. BUTTON is built on Telegram messenger, the third-largest messaging platform in the world, with more messaging platforms to be added in the future. Currently, users can send funds to their friends using only Telegram usernames within an existing group chat and do token/crypto sending and exchange. Users maintain control over their finances for optimal ease of use with the push of a button and can trade BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC, Waves, Dai, ERC-20 tokens, and more, alongside fiat conversion.

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