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OZM Research, is a knowledge-based company formed by experienced explosives scientists and engineers with advanced academic degrees in this very special branch of chemical engineering.

The company core business consists of testing instruments, technologies and expert services for energetic materials (explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, ammunition). The company is licensed in full scale for activities with explosive materials and ammunition, as well as for foreign trade with these military materials.

The company is exporting its products to many countries of the European Union, the United States, Asia and Latin America. Its major clients include military R&D and testing centres, forensic institutes, universities, explosives and ammunition manufacturers, nuclear power plants and other related industries.


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Miloslav Krupka
+420 469 692 341
Managing Director, Testing Instruments
+420 469 692 882
Bliznovice 32538 62 Hrochuv Tynec, Czech Republic


Expert Services cover a wide range of activities where deep and very specific knowledge and experience of our experts in energetic materials can be beneficial for our clients.

Since its establishment, the company successfully deals with topics as diverse as:

  • testing of military energetic materials
  • analysis of thermal stability of radioactive wastes
  • non-destructive analysis of ageing of rocket motors
  • modeling of structural stability of solid rocket propellants
  • experimental evaluation of risks of compressed gas explosions
  • measurement of shock waves from air blasts
  • development of insensitive military explosives
  • development of enhanced blast explosives
  • methods for neutralization and safe disposal of improvised explosives
  • technologies for explosive forming of metals
  • methods for preparation of pure standards of explosives
  • processing of demilitarized explosives and propellants into commercial explosives.


OZM Research is a leading manufacturer of special instruments for testing of energetic materials. The manufactured instruments cover testing of stability and compatibility, sensitivity (sensitiveness) and explosive performance of energetic in various testing programs.

Stability Testin:

  • Stabil - Vacuum Stability Tester
  • AKC -Wireless Thermal Activity Monitoring System
  • DTA-551-Ex Differential Thermal Analyzer
  • DTA 551-Rez - Macro Differential Thermal Analyser
  • MV26 - Methyl Violet Test Apparatus
  • BE-JU 98 - Bergman Junk Test Apparatus
  • CHS 100 - Heat Storage Test Apparatus
  • Thermal Stability Determination at 75 °C
  • AET-400 - Automatic Explosion Temperature Tester
  • Abel Test Apparatus
  • Heating Blocks for Accelerated Ageing Sensibility Tests
  • BAM Impact Sensitivity Test
  • ESD 2008 Small-scale electrostatic spark tester
  • ESD LS30 Large Scale Electrostatic Discharge Test
  • FSKM 50-20K - Friction Sensitivity Test Explosive Performance Tests
  • Ballistic Mortar
  • Laboratory Detonation Chambers


Industrial detonation chambers resistant against repeated detonations with equivalent of 0.2 – 16 kg TNT as a part of a manufacturing process (e.g. ammunition demilitarization, explosive metalworking, quality testing) and service life of 104 – 105 detonations are technologies well serving several our industrial clients.

Laboratory detonation chambers are similar products developed especially for scientific experiments, research work and testing in explosives laboratories.

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Explosion - resistant containers serve for safe transport and storage of highly sensitive explosive samples, improvised explosive devices (IED) and unexploded ordnance (UXO).

These products also include modular magazines for explosives minimizing necessary safety distances, reinforced mobile magazines for fireworks, mobile stores for explosives and ammunition or mobile bunkers for dangerous operations with explosives or ammunition.

The explosion-resistant transport and storage containers (explosive containment, bomb trailers, bomb trolleys, explosives magazines, ammunition magazines) are high-strength special vessels and structures of different sizes capable to resist accidental explosions of contained explosive materials or munitions and to protect life and property from the damaging explosion effects. The explosion-resistant containers are covering three main product categories:

   1. Light gas-tight storage and transport containers  with capacity to resist explosions from 25 to 500 g TNT and ability to completely contain all the explosion effects and thus to fully protect people and property nearby. Their gas-tightness gives also a possibility to analyze and decontaminate the explosion gases where necessary (toxic explosives, chemical ammunition, dirty bombs) by the decontamination unit.

   2. Heavy UXO/IED transport containers with capacity to resist explosions of 5 – 10 kg TNT, designed for safe transport of dangerous unexploded ordnance or improvised explosive devices while protecting EOD/IEDD personnel and surroundings through which these dangerous items are transported.

   3. Mobile explosion-resistant magazines for safe storage and advanced processing of high explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics as well as detonating ammunition with enhanced protection of the surrounding areas and minimized necessary safety distances.

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Mobile ammunition demilitarization technologies are designed for safe and environmentally friendly disposal of ammunition outside industrial facilities in places such as ammunition depots. Application of mobile demilitarization technologies eliminates costs and risks connected with transport of dangerous obsolete or unserviceable ammunition for disposal.

The following ammunition demilitarization technologies are currently available both in fixed (static) and mobile versions:

1. Ammunition disassembly technologies

  • Defuzing/depriming machines
  • Pull-away machines for unitary rounds

2. Explosives processing technologies

  • TNT melt-out station
  • High-pressure water jet wash-out station
  • Gun propellant grinder

3. Explosives and ammunition disposal technologies

  • Detonation chamber
  • Ammunition Incinerator

4. Mobile storage and processing buildings

  • Explosion-resistant bunkers for risky operations
  • Explosion-resistant magazines for deflagrating explosive materials (PYRO)
  • Explosion-resistant magazines for detonating explosive materials (AMMO)
  • Storage modules preventing sympathetic explosions
  • Processing and technology buildings, control rooms

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OZM Research s.r.o.

  • Bliznovice 32, 538 62, Hrochuv Tynec, Czechia
  • +420 469 692 341
  • +420 469 692 882
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