FiBO® Interferometers Releases 6-Part Fiber Optic Systems Video Series

ST. PAUL, Minn., Oct. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- To help companies better understand the real-world considerations of fiber optic systems, FiBO Interferometers - a leading product for providing advanced fiber optic endface metrology - announced the release of FiBO Guide to Fiber Optic Connections, a six-series video guide to implementing fiber systems.

This video series provides systems engineers in the military, aerospace, and telecom industries with a framework of the most critical criteria to consider when building a successful system, including:

    --  Basic fiber system operation: How does signal transmission work over
        optical fiber?
    --  Fiber types: What is an optical fiber, what are the common types, and
        what are they used for?
    --  Connection basics: How do you connect two fiber cables and what do you
        need to know to ensure a good connection?
    --  Testing and troubleshooting: What techniques are common for testing and

As technology expands and the world becomes more connected, the need for high-bandwidth, high-speed, and secure systems has grown. However, many systems engineers who may be comfortable in the copper world, are in the dark when it comes to best practices for implementing a fiber optic system.

Fiber optic technology uses cables of glass fiber to transmit optical signals for applications including communication networks, sensors, and radio over fiber. It provides systems engineers with light-weight, high-bandwidth, secure signal infrastructure that is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference, among other benefits compared to copper systems. The result is a system with unrivaled speed, reliability, and flexibility.

To learn about practical considerations of implementing fiber optics into your system, watch FiBO's new six-series video guide:

About FiBO® Interferometers
FiBO Interferometers, manufactured in the USA by Promet Optics, are the complete solution for fiber optic connector endface testing and inspection. Combining both high-resolution 3D geometry mapping and defect detection into one system simplifies the inspection process while achieving a more accurate assessment of the FO connector.

Promet Optics specializes in precision optical systems from concept development to manufacturing. Capabilities include optical and opto-mechanical engineering, design, optical testing, low to mid-volume optical assembly and manufacturing, as well as custom component sourcing.

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