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ORITEST, belongs to a group of regular suppliers of products and services for the specialized NBC forces both in the Czech Army and in all civil parts of integrated rescue system. Dealing in a manufacturing and supplying Chemical protection products, ORITEST operates in a group of independent companies ORITEST-GROUP.

Export is operated preferably but not only by the ORIMPEX Ltd, Prague a daughter ORITEST´s company that is authorized for the export of military products in NBC.

Present number of countries using ORITEST´s products is over 30 worldwide.

The ORITEST GROUP offers own products in branches:

  • CWA & TICs Detection
  • CWA Decontamination
  • RIOT control
  • Export of all products under the Czech Republic License for the business with military material.

A company philosophy has been always based on its own know-how mainly in the field of TICs and CWA detection chemistry. Company is certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 and codified under NCAGE 0004G.

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Josef Orel
+420 257 311 639
+420 257 313 820
Staropramenna 17, 150 00 Prague 5, Czech Republic


A line of 23 tubes covers all known important CWA. The tubes are not intended for exact pump but can be used in any hand and/or electrical pumps designed for the detector tubes application. Designed with Ø 6 mm, length 93÷105 mm, according to customer requirement.


• Wide choice of tubes. Shelf life 5 years for all tubes including the biochemical TT11.
• Environmental friendly – no Hg and Os used for detection methods.
• Possible to use in many known pumps (Czech UNIVER, Draeger, MSA AUER, Yugoslavian, etc.).
• Available simulants to train with tubes safely in a standard room.

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Detector CALID-3 was designed for a simple detection and differentiating between 3 major groups of chemical warfare agents G, V and H in a liquid form. Drop of chemical agent creates immediately colour spot on the paper.

According to the colour is possible to determine groups of the G, V, and H agents within 30 seconds. The detector designed as a booklet in different form. It is a typical detector for individual use both in armed forces and for civilians generally.

CALID-3 detector represents the world standard in the detection and the distinguishing of the three groups of CWA, known as the 3-WAY.

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The detector strip DETEHIT® was designed for detection of nerve agents in air, water, food and on the surface.

The detection strip can determine dangerous concentrations of nerve agents in the air (within 2-3 minutes), if it is possible to remove the gas mask (5-15 minutes) or whether food or water are acceptable for intake (15-30 minutes).

The main advantage of the DETEHIT is his sensitivity and possibility to test drink water.

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The kit, especially designed for the CWA reconnaissance in army, civil defence and similar forces. Detection of CWA in air, water and on surfaces using chemical reactions with colour changes.

The kit consists of:

  • Plastic bag made from a special material, resistant to CWA, suitable for standard  decontamination. Equipped with carrying belt.
  • CALID-3 Liquid CWA detection paper,
  • NSN 6665 16 000 7966 2 booklets.
  • DETEHIT, Nerve agents detection strip.
  • NSN 6665 16 000 4850, 2 PE tubes, per 10 strips.
  • Detection tubes TT11, TT12, TT14, and TT15, 20 tubes of each type. (or according to requirement)
  • Spare parts for the pump.
  • Cleaning cloth.
  • Warming sachet for tubes detection under 10 0C.
  • Tube and ampoule opener.
  • Hand pump.
  • Instruction book.

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Decontamination set PDK is highly active decontaminating agent based on active chlorine that is determined for decontamination and disinfections of the personal weapon and combat techniques.

PDK reliably decontaminates types of the toxic substances and can be used as an emergency agent for decontamination of the skin. In package from the rubber lined fabric, equipped by the application instruction manual, there is the PVC sack containing calcium hypochlorite, detergent and chemicals ensuring the heating of the decontamination mixture.

After taking out from the package, the sack is filled with prescribed amount of water and the content is mixed by hand form outside. The mixture is prepared for application after dissolution of the components.

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Product informational files

ORITEST spol s r.o.

  • Nábřežní 90/4, 150 00 Praha 5, Prague, Czech Republic
  • +420 257 311 639
  • +420 257 313 820
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