35,000 Join Global Collective Trauma Online Summit

SAN FRANCISCO, LONDON and TEL AVIV, Israel, Oct. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today the first global summit on collective trauma featuring 29 leading researchers, scientists, psychotherapists, and visionaries began. The summit is hosted by Thomas Hübl, founder of the Academy of Inner Science and the Pocket Project, an initiative dedicated to deepening our understanding of collective and intergenerational trauma. The live kick-off event took place online and included an intention-setting meditation with 5,268 viewers participating from 38 countries around the globe. More than 35,000 people signed up to participate in the 9-day summit exploring the impact of collective trauma and how to address the social symptoms arising from traumatic events. The summit is online and FREE during the 48-hour broadcast period for each talk.

Speakers for the event include: Bessel van der Kolk, MD - Psychiatrist and President of the Trauma Research Foundation; Dr. Gabor Maté - best-selling author and expert on addiction recovery; Daniel J. Siegel, MD - best-selling author and Founder of the Mindsight Institute; as well as Peter Levine, Founder of Somatic Experiencing® and many others.

"Trauma is both individual and collective," said summit host, Thomas Hübl. "An individual may suffer from post-traumatic symptoms of dissociation, disembodiment and disease that are mirrored collectively in our cultural systems of addiction, othering and aggression. And while personal traumas may be linked to disease and early death, our collective traumas from war, genocide, terrorism or disaster are at the root of our systemic problems like racial and economic injustice, and even our burgeoning climate crisis."

One of the goals of the summit is to educate the participants about the nature of collective trauma and why we are unable to process the scope and/or intensity of a traumatic event. This inability or capacity to integrate experience diminishes our ability to respond appropriately.

"To be informed about trauma is to give yourself the opportunity to be freed from the way we adapt to traumatic experience," said Dan Siegel, Founder of the Mindsight Institute and summit speaker.

"I believe we need to increase our ability to respond to what is happening in the world," said Hübl, "and that this emerging field of working with collective trauma can provide many of the answers to our global challenges."

You can learn more about the Summit, join the event and watch today's speakers at http://collectivetraumasummit.com

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