GetMeApp: changes the game market with its new service

NEW YORK, Oct. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The apparition of smartphones in the game market is changing what people used to know about entertainment. There are a couple of things that show this evolution. For example, gaming is now a place for gender equality (a 41% of gamers are female), for sharing and meeting new people through mobile games or streaming platforms. Now, playing is easier since people can choose with no effort which game apps they would like to play next.

Before, video games were expensive, hard to get and people could only play with them in a couple of ways: a console, a computer or an arcade place. This way, not so many people would get into video games.

Now, GetMeApp is about to launch a new service that will revolutionize the game market even more. Not only will users be able to play in their smartphones, but now, thanks to GetMeApp, they will have the chance to try a simulator of the same game in their computers. What does this mean for the game market?

Basically, the link that GetMeApp offers to their users takes them to a simulator that connects them with an appstore. From their computers, they can download the app and play the video game directly from there without using this same app in their smartphones. This is possible thanks to their collaboration with other businesses that will provide that link that we had mentioned.

With this new service, it is also easier for people to take part in all kind of video games, not only gamers, but also those who like to play on the train on the way home. Now, it is not only for experts. Anyone can be addicted to Pokemon Go!, Candy Crush or Fornite and then try the more extended version on their computer.

Smartphones had made video games more accessible to all kinds of public. Once they download Candy Crush, they are one step closer to become a Fornite or Minecraft addict. The games are cheap and they are on the palm of their hand.

Minecraft and Fornite are a great example of this. They are so famous that they have become a part of popular culture: children love Fornite dances, there are stuffed toys of Minecraft in every toy store, known DJs like Marsmello make live concerts in them, and the list goes on and on. Both video games have included a game app version available for everyone. It seems that the combination between computer games and game apps is something many businesses are going for.

GetMeApp is always looking for innovation and the last trends in the video game market. Thanks to this new service, the experience of playing is now more approachable for everyone. As a result, the game market is becoming bigger and more people are getting interested about it.