Blueshift's Latest Release Integrates Next-Generation Mobile App Engagement Into Multi-Channel Journeys

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Blueshift, the leading Customer Data Activation Platform, today announced its latest in a string of innovations built for marketers by marketers: native in-app messages as an additional channel within its multi-channel campaign builder, and a next-generation message creation studio. The latter comes complete with a library of pre-built templates, icons, and drag-and-drop editor functionality. Blueshift's in-app messages leapfrogs first-generation mobile marketing solutions by delivering dynamic content personalization due to its deep integration with cross-channel customer data and ease of including AI-powered 1:1 recommendations within messages.

The release complements Blueshift's mission to empower marketers to move from a channel-centric to customer-centric approach at a critical time. As eMarketer recently reported, US consumers will spend more time with their mobile devices than watching TV for the first time in 2019, and about 90% of smartphone time is spent in apps.

This aggressive shift in behavior requires marketers to have strong, comprehensive mobile strategies, but technological limitations around multi-channel data and advanced targeting have prevented most from achieving those goals. As a result, mobile strategies have largely been more of an afterthought, with bare-minimum levels of personalization and disconnection from the overall customer engagement strategy.

By leveraging all of Blueshift's capabilities to power the in-app messages feature, marketers can use a unified view of their customers' activities and preferences inside and outside the app to infuse their mobile marketing strategies with predictive intelligence, advanced segmentation, and powerful recommendations. This helps to achieve success on a rapidly-growing channel and maximize the moments users are active within their app in a few key ways:

    --  Deepen in-app engagement: Increase session length and user retention by
        guiding users with messages adapted to each user's interests and
        behaviors inside and outside the app.
    --  Drive action with contextual, timely messages: Increase conversion and
        monetization by delivering highly personalized and contextualized
        messages at key moments as users engage with the app.
    --  Create and optimize personalized in-app experiences: Easily create rich,
        1:1, messages with an intuitive template builder and optimize every
        message element with Blueshift's advanced A/B testing capabilities.

Blueshift customers are already seeing the benefits of upleveling their mobile marketing strategies with these offerings.

"Blueshift has been an amazing partner for our company," said Isaac Cedillo, Lifecycle Marketing Manager at "Their multi-channel campaign management platform has allowed us to precisely target customers across Email, Push and SMS while improving KPIs through streamlined A/B testing and data analysis. With the addition of In-App Messages, we can now complete our cross-channel marketing efforts through Blueshift's amazing UI. Blueshift's In-App Messages capabilities outperform any solution we could have used and allow us to sync and automate all of our marketing efforts on one platform."

The company's deep understanding of the importance of solutions purpose-built around the customer experience is continually exemplified with releases like today's. "Our complex digital landscape requires increasingly sophisticated, multi-channel customer experience strategies and technologies that can support them," explained Mehul Shah, co-founder and CTO at Blueshift. "In-app is a rapidly growing piece of the multi-channel picture, and we're excited to deeply integrate it into our ecosystem so that marketers can intelligently leverage mobile channels within the larger journey and get ahead of the customer."

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About Blueshift

Blueshift helps consumer brands intelligently scale customer engagement on every channel. It's Customer Data Activation Platform (CDAP) uses patented AI technology to enable marketers to activate the fullness of their data and use it to create relevant, connected 1:1 experiences across every customer interaction, including web, mobile and offline. Leading consumer brands such as LendingTree, Udacity, Discovery, PayPal, Groupon, and the BBC use Blueshift to drive transformational growth through deeper customer engagement. The company is backed by prominent venture capital firms including Storm Ventures and SoftBank Ventures Asia.

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