Launch of a Queuing App by a Local Company to Offer a Better Customer Experience

MONTREAL, June 18, 2020 /CNW Telbec/ - With the success of local businesses at heart and an expertise in operations management, a local company is launching the application. Designed to take the waiting out of shopping, it was created to make the experience more enjoyable for customers. The timing is perfect since in-store shopping has lost its appeal for many.


For several years now, the total market share of e-commerce has increased. The current crisis has only exacerbated this. According to a study by Adviso, online sales in Quebec have increased by a staggering 118% since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. is thus designed to encourage consumers to visit their local retail stores by offering a value-added experience.

As Patrick Lepage, creator of the application, explains : "When a customer takes the time to step into a store, it is essential to make their experience live up to their expectations and make their life easier. We therefore have to offer services with added value like this one in order to strengthen the efforts made to encourage local buying. Because, whether we like it or not, consumer habits have changed evolved and COVID-19 has only amplified this !"

The shopping experience offered by allows businesses to provide an accessible and efficient service.


The application uses text messages to help businesses coordinate customer traffic, whether in the field of retail, catering, events... in short wherever there is a line-up! Customers who need to get expert advice, to pick up their order, use a changing room or who want to enjoy an evening out at the restaurant can do so without constraints. "It's simple, you add your name to a virtual queue and all you have to do is wait for the text message to notify you when it's your turn," explains the application's developer.


A graduate in computer science and president of the company Raphaël U for the past 15 years, Patrick Lepage is well positioned to know about logistical difficulties : his company faces very strong seasonal traffic since it serves around sixty school establishments with thousands of students to dress in a very short period time. He therefore developed, ten years ago, a web application to efficiently manage customer traffic in order to avoid endless queues. He has been able to witness first-hand the real difference that the application makes for a business, both in terms of customer and employee satisfaction.