Collaborative Advancements in Auto Cybersecurity and Driver Trust to be Introduced at IOTSW

BARCELONA, Spain, Oct. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A collaborative, multi-national development of first-of-a-kind automotive technologies for realtime detection and mitigation of cyber intrusions, and vehicle-to-vehicle data sharing, will be introduced at IoT Solutions World Congress 2019.

LHP Engineering Solutions together with AASA's LiFi subsidiary 01LightComm and aicas GmbH will illustrate critical, connected car cybersecurity threats using live, simulated intrusions on a Go-Kart-sized replica of a fully-functioning connected vehicle. Attendees during the October 29-31 event hosted in Barcelona, Spain, will be invited to hack the Go-Kart or take control of the vehicle to maintain normal driving functions. Demonstrations will be provided at Stand 7 in the testbed pavilion at Fira Barcelona Gran Vía (Hall 2).

The Go-Kart is an Intelligent Transport testbed, "Safety Implications from Cyber Security Compromises in Connected Transportation." It is a 'Testbed of the Year" nominee as one of 10 practical applications selected by a committee of experts coordinated by the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), including representatives from the IoT Council, Ametic, Cenesis, Machine Design and ABII.

In addition to introducing technologies that protect malicious access to vehicle functions related to braking, steering, speed and battery, the companies will introduce critical advancements in how intelligent vehicles and smart cities can connect and share streaming data in realtime. AASA will demonstrate its on-vehicle Light Fidelity (LiFi) technologies for bidirectional, high-speed and fully networked data sharing. The new smart lighting technology uses vehicle lights and exterior cameras to transmit and receive data from other vehicles for realtime data sharing about braking, steering, functional safety, smart city, and cybersecurity information.

"In an autonomous vehicle and smart city environment, vehicles must have the ability to connect and share data, quickly. In areas where WiFi or 5G won't work, vehicle headlights can quickly, accurately and securely communicate important data about the environment to the driver, and to other vehicles in the area," said Farid Bicharah, CTO of AASA.

The demonstration builds on LHP Engineering Solutions' automotive cybersecurity demonstrator platform. It is deployed on an Ev-GoKart chassis and highlights LHP's open-framework automotive functional safety and cybersecurity platform. The platform addresses the security capabilities needed for quick detection and response to compromises and deployment of realtime embedded controllers.

"Safety and security pain-points are being felt across the entire automotive industry with autonomy and connectivity increasing faster than the tools and awareness for cyber security are being adopted," said Sven Schrecker, VP and Chief Architect of Cybersecurity at LHP. "What we're addressing with our demonstration are the solutions needed for on-vehicle cyber security for immediate response to threats."

aicas contributed security functions based on its JamaicaCAR technologies. Similar to what is used to protect billions of Internet-connected devices, it prevents malicious code being executed. aicas added, for the purpose of this testbed, a function that is able to enable and disable an interface layer in Java VM. When enabled, malicious code does not get the respective run permissions and malicious code cannot be executed

aicas is the one.

"New and updated security measures always follow the launch of new technologies, and skilled hackers aren't too far behind, probing for intrusion points," said James Hunt, CEO and co-founder aicas GmbH. "Our solution prevents malicious code entry into a car system by establishing authentication and authorization, whether the access is attempted through a car camera or a connected seat. Any system developer, system integrator or manufacturer must ensure that they are able to expand security when new technology is introduced or when a vulnerability is identified. aicas is at the forefront of these developments, as shown in this testbed. "

More information on the testbed and demonstration can be found here.

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