Latest Expansion Gives Global Call Forwarding the World's Largest Virtual Phone Number Coverage

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Nov. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Global Call Forwarding, a leading provider of virtual phone numbers for international businesses, announced a major expansion to its coverage area. The latest release includes local and toll free phone numbers from 10 additional countries and cities. Global Call Forwarding now has the most expansive coverage area of virtual phone numbers in the industry.

"It is our goal to offer a large selection of virtual phone numbers available for instant provisioning in our platform while maintaining the utmost dedication to service quality," said Thierry Genoyer, Founder of Global Call Forwarding. "We are rapidly expanding our coverage area and growing our infrastructure to meet the demands of our customers across the globe."

With the latest expansion, Global Call Forwarding now offers virtual phone numbers from several major locations in Europe, Africa, and Asia. According to a recent customer survey, the most anticipated numbers from the latest expansion include:

Abu Dhabi, UAE local numbers
Pakistan toll free numbers
Myanmar toll free numbers
Yangon, Myanmar local numbers
Sri Lanka toll free numbers
Iceland mobile numbers
Cameroon mobile numbers
Belarus mobile numbers
Belgrade, Serbia local numbers
Seychelles national numbers
Bosnia, Sarajevo local numbers

The Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Global Call Forwarding, Bulent Erkaya, provided insight on the company's upward trajectory and said "Global Call Forwarding has seen strong growth in our major markets over the past 36 months with increased demand from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. We continue to expand our coverage area to include number originations from more countries while adding new service features to our platform."

With the addition of these numbers, Global Call Forwarding is positioned to provide even more extensive coverage to clients with contacts across the globe. Virtual phone services also provide opportunities for businesses who wish to expand to new markets and demographics.


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