Mini-Circuits and Vayyar Offer Development Kits for 4D Millimeter Wave Imaging

BROOKLYN, New York and TEL AVIV, Israel, Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Mini-Circuits has expanded its collaboration with 4D radar imaging pioneer, Vayyar to offer researchers in the Radio Frequency /microwave industry and academia a ready-to-use, 4D millimeter wave (mmWave) imaging and sensing application development platform.

The VTRIG-74 is a mmWave imaging and sensing development kit powered by Vayyar's high-resolution integrated RF transceiver technology and radar IP. This kit enables researchers and application developers to explore and rapidly develop mmWave imaging and sensing applications without the cost and overhead of building their own bespoke hardware. Potential applications already include industrial IoT, robotics, smart homes, motion and obstacle detection, vehicular operator and passenger detection, medical patient monitoring and many more.

The kit comprises Vayyar's high-performance transceiver chip with the entire mmWave front-end and analog baseband signal chain for up to 40 antennas. Key features of the kit include:

    --  Out-of-the-box ready mmWave transceiver module for 4D imaging and
        sensing application development
    --  20 transmit by 20 receive integrated antenna array for high-resolution
        4D imaging
    --  Flexible operation anywhere within the 62 to 69 GHz band
    --  Real-time data processing of transmit and receive pair phasors for each
        swept frequency point
    --  Pre-configured profiles to adjust receiver resolution and imaging
        processing time
    --  Complete API for Python(®) and Matlab(®)

Mini-Circuits President, Ted Heil commented, "Our partnership with Vayyar began with a shared mission to provide innovative, hands-on learning tools to university students and educators in the RF/microwave field. The VTRIG-74 builds on that effort to put Vayyar's extraordinary radar technology into the hands of researchers working to develop the next generation of imaging and sensing applications. We're very pleased to continue expanding this collaboration."

CEO of Vayyar, Raviv Melamed commented, "We are delighted to continue and expand our partnership with Mini-Circuits. The launch of our VTRIG-74 development kit now brings advanced and affordable radar functionality for everyone to explore."

VTRIG-74 4D mmWave imaging and sensing development kits are available now from the Mini-Circuits website, with significant discounts for university students, educators and researchers.

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About Vayyar Imaging

Vayyar Imaging is a global leader in 4D radar imaging technology, providing highly advanced intelligent sensors to a wide variety of industries including automotive, smart home, robotics, retail and medical. Vayyar's sensors can see through walls and objects and track and map everything happening in an environment in real-time. Unlike other products that rely on cameras and optics, Vayyar's sensors do not collect any optic data, protecting users' privacy at all times.

Vayyar's mission is to advance a world where intelligent sensing is part of the everyday, helping people worldwide improve their health, safety and quality of life using miniature, affordable and versatile intelligent imaging sensors. In 2018, Vayyar Imaging was named a Technology Pioneer with the potential to transform society and industry by the World Economic Forum. Visit to learn more.

About Mini-Circuits

Mini-Circuits is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of RF, IF, and microwave components and integrated modules covering the DC to 86 GHz range. With 27 different product lines and over 10,000 active models, demanding quality standards, value pricing, on-time delivery, and world-class support have made Mini-Circuits the world's preferred supplier of RF and microwave products for over 50 years.

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