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  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components

Mrs. Sylvia Birenboim who is both the owner and its general manager established the company in 1986. Mrs. Birenboim has been active in the special electrical cables field for the past 38 years, including consulting design and supply of cables for many big projects in Israel and abroad, always-strict timetable and combining accumulating knowledge and experience in the field.

Products and services
The company deals with consulting, design and marketing of all types of electrical wires & cables and electromechanical modules for movables systems. Within the framework of consulting, the Company diagnoses the problems in the designated area; essentially characterize the appropriate cables for optimum fitness for the special task and environment, while taking into consideration both economic as well as technical factors.  Silvan has the possibility to supply a variety of cable types from stock. The company has all transport devices needed’ rolling up and cutting facilities for any amount needed.

Silvan company supplies equipment for cables handling such as:

• Laying, measuring, coiling and transporting cables

Electromechanical modules for movable systems such as:

• Cable reels, trolley systems for cranes, conductor lines

All kind of mechanical breaks-disk, drum and its combinations, couplings, cabins, festoon systems, rails and clips, spreaders, all for movables systems and cranes.

Special branches of supply
Electric pantographs and earth contacts for transport systems and electric trains. This gives Silvan more opportunities to combine their range of products during consulting and to assist customers with more services under one roof. Silvan's esteemed and intensive connections with producers in Israel and worldwide enables them to give optimal supplies, both technically and economically.

Special services
Within the planning framework Silvan solves exceptional problems which are not solved by existing variety of cables, even for relatively short lengths of cables, with special cable design, tailor made.


• All kinds of cables-supply & design
• Taylor made cables
• Spare parts for cranes
• Electro mechanical modules for movable systems
• Cable reels, spring reels
• Festoon systems
• Conductor lines
• Machines and accessories for cable laying, measuring, cutting and coiling
• Couplings and industrial breaks
• Operator cabins for cranes
• Advanced equipment for ports: mooring systems, terminal power feeding center for ships
• Cable defenders
• Panzerbelt cable protection systems
• Electric pantographs and earth contacts for electrical trains


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Silvan Trading Ltd.

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