USA / China / International Moon Collaboration, "First Women" to Open 2020s Decade on China's Hawaii at Galaxy Forum Hainan 25-28 February 2020

KAMUELA, Hawaii, Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA) announces the world-class Galaxy Forum Hainan 2020 China on 25-28 February to help realize Humans on the Moon soon, including Artemis, and advance the new frontier of astronomy from the Moon.

Early Registration is now open for Galaxy Forum Hainan being held at Hilton Wenchang on tropical Hainan Island with direct views of Wenchang SLC - China's newest and largest spaceport - from where China and International Astronauts will launch to the Moon.

This major Conference will see representatives from national, commercial, independent and international entities, Canada, India, Europe, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia, Korea, Crescent Moon Countries, Africa, China "Zhongguo", and USA.

Distinguished invited Keynote speakers are Astronauts Buzz Aldrin (USA Apollo 11 First Human Moon Landing), Yang Liwei (First China Astronaut), Wang Yaping (China Female Astronaut), and Prof. Ouyang Ziyuan (Chief Scientist of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program).

Early confirmations from presenters include Christian Feichtinger, Giuseppe Reibaldi, Rick Tumlinson, Maria Antonietta Perino, Bodo Ziegler, Naoki Sato, Jayant Murthy, Chris Sallaberger, Bernard Foing, Mikhail Sachkov, Minsup Jeong, Vidvuds Beldavs, Boonrucksar Soonthornthum, Sean Casey, Jonathan Hung, Chatief Kunjaya and others.

Co-sponsored by Chinese Society of Astronautics, National Astronomical Observatories of China, International Astronautical Federation, Moon Village Association and Canadian Space Agency.

With the themes 'International Human Moon Landings' and 'Astronomy from the Moon', there will also be a focus on Mars, China Long March 5 Rocket, Artemis, interplanetary considerations, and a special highlight, Wenchang SLC spaceport possible tour.

Deadline for the 2019 First Women on the Moon 200-word Essay Contest, in collaboration with Moon Village Association, has been extended to 15 December, 12:00 Hawaii Standard Time (UTC-10). Accepting submissions from any woman 21 years or older from any nation, country, continent, background and ability - to describe the significance of landing Women on the Moon for the 21st Century.

The first step toward realizing a future Multi World Civilization - where varied genders, geographies and generations live off-planet - may begin with The First Women on the Moon.

The 2019 Grand Prize winner will attend all sessions, ceremonies and activities at Galaxy Forum Hainan 2020 and participate in a luncheon panel with Astronaut Naoko Yamazaki, Shawna Pandya, Aline Decadi, the 2018 Contest Winner Wendy Crumrine, and possibly an Apollo Moonwalker. ILOA is proving all-expenses-paid travel and accommodations. MVA will provide direct, one-on-one Astronaut briefing(s) for a total of up to 3 hours with the winner, by skype or in person.

ILOA is planning for strategic 2020s decade cislunar developments with its 5 Moon missions, global Galaxy Forum program, and considerations for cooperation within international Artemis human Moon South Pole exploration.

Go to to Register for Galaxy Forum Hainan 2020 and to enter the First Women on the Moon Essay Contest.

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SOURCE International Lunar Observatory Association