Lorenzo Tartamella and Darryl Ferdinand of Best Phone Numbers team up to offer Toll Free and local Vanity Phone Numbers to businesses across North America

NEW YORK, Nov. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Vanity Phone Numbers are sought out by knowledgeable marketers who understand the long-term impact of how advertising works. These numbers translate into sales that add credibility and value to an advertiser. Services now include TEXTING so consumers instantly create a relationship between themselves and a brand. With multiple ways to engage an audience, the original social media product is still 'THE TELEPHONE' and is still the number one way to engage quickly and immediately for clients. Engaged Companies understand how to use real 'humans' to answer a phone. Companies spend millions of dollars on a thirty second commercial pitch on mainstream Television or Hand Held Devices and are looking for a maximum return. The pressure is often on AD agencies to create a memory retention factor. A fifteen or thirty second commercial may have sufficient impact to increase sales over short periods but if the audience can't remember a contact number or way to text an advertiser; the entire experience can be an economic waste of money. Just imagine the memorable value of one unforgettable phone number an audience can yield by CALLING or TEXTING a number they saw or heard a week earlier and imagine the referrals or conversations around that number. This gesture and union between these two Companies yields results and instant recognition to help small business excel." One easy to remember phone number will spark an instant memory recall of any connection to a Brand or on an audience. Numbers like 1-800-900-0000 are only the tip of the iceberg for this dynamic duo.

This duo continues to focus on helping Corporations with branding and prefers a low profile approach to increasing sales.

About Lorenzo Tartamella and Darryl Ferdinand
An active business figure since 1980, Lorenzo Tartamella and Darryl Ferdinand are successful entrepreneurs. Showcasing a strong kinship with the business world since youth, Tartamella and Ferdinand separated themselves early on and wasted no time in becoming driving forces behind their own success. Opening his first venture within a year of his high school graduation, Tartamella is now a seasoned veteran of the milieu; having created several businesses within technology, import, export, manufacturing, wholesale and retail markets. Tartamella's sold one of America's top domain names; TimesSquare.com and a most recently with this duo has placed one of the most valuable vanity Toll Free numbers.

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DIAL 1-800-900-0000 or direct line 212-777-2323

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