Handy PerfectPrime IR0005 Thermal Camera Pry Open Costa Rica's Active Volcano Mt. Irazu's Secrets

HONG KONG, Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In what could be a great sigh of relief for many, American expert researcher from USF Ian Godfrey, in his second exploratory ascent to Mt. Irazu this year, confirmed using a PerfectPrime IR0005 thermal camera that indeed Costa Rica's most famous active volcano despite all the speculation amidst the ever-changing colors of its lake crater Diego de la Haya poses no real present imminent danger to its people and to the thousands of visitors from all over the world who are drawn to it yearly.

For centuries, Mt. Irazu, a stratovolcano which at 11,260 feet (3,432 m) stands as the tallest of the 6 active ones in the country, has claimed multiple lives on separate occasions - truly horrific incidents that's further exacerbated in the minds of many watching the mysterious changes in color of the volcano's crater lake over the years. Fortunately, thanks to the handy IR0005 which fits Ian's pockets perfectly, the thermograms taken from key points of the volcano's multiple craters showed no untoward alarming thermal anomaly whatsoever - giving Ian and his team of experts assurances of a safe journey ahead and tons of information that's valuable material for his soon-to-be-published book entitled "Investigating the Volcanoes of Costa Rica".

Demystifying the King of the Hill's Mystery

Without a doubt, Mt. Irazu is truly breathtaking - definitely, the "King of the Hill", with its unrivaled beauty eclipsing the rest. However, to say this active volcano evokes fear is a gross understatement. Lest we forget, Irazu has also earned the moniker "El Colosos" (The Colossus), in reference to the host of catastrophes that it has provoked in the past.

The good news is this time around, Ian Godfrey came prepared. In this exploratory trip in the heat of the summer of 2019, the young American from Florida who first visited Costa Rica as a student-scholar in 2014, had one ace up his sleeve: a PerfectPrime IR0005.

And apparently, it made all the difference.

Ian proclaims, "I really want to check thermal anomalies. So it is interesting to go up a volcano with this equipment, with a thermal camera, I can just pull it out and validate for myself."

That speaks volumes on the portability of the IR0005, PerfectPrime's flagship product which commands a 35,200 pixel-quality making it both handy and powerful at the same time.

And true enough, Ian Godfrey found it to be the perfect companion not only in monitoring volcanic activity but in almost every aspect of his research - investigating hot springs and mud pools including.

Thermal Camera: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Right from the get-go, Costa Rica mesmerized Ian. The heavily-rainforest country which has one of the world's most diverse ecosystems has caught Ian's attention so much he's writing not just 1 but 3 books about it.

When asked about the changing colors of Diego de la Haya crater lake, Ian affirms, "With our thermal camera, we found out that everything matches. Everything is very safe. So in a sense, it made us all relaxed. And the best part is we don't have to go too near. It's pretty interesting to have that material."

Further, he stipulates, "Also, when people ask me 'is that water down there hot?' or 'is it cold?' when referring to the lake. All I have to do is pull out my thermal camera and I can give them a definitive answer. Best of all, I can show the camera image to them."

Such pronouncements definitely put Costa Rica in great light. But it just shows why this small nation is the most visited nation in Central America, attracting 2.9 million foreign visitors in 2016 alone (up by 10% from the year before). And raking in up to $3.4 billion in 2015 or 5.8% of its total GDP.

Costa Rica and Mt. Irazu is perfect as a travel destination. And a thermal camera, a perfect companion.


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